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How to Get 100,000 Real Twitter Followers

36) Use Bubble Tweet to Thank New Followers for Following

This will set you apart from the majority of other Twitter users, and you will get extra followers from the Bubble Tweet website.


37) Create a Great Bio that is Catchy

Take your time.  Be bold, be funny, and be unique.


38) Tweet Your Best Instagram Photos

If you have a business, then find a way to turn close up photos into art that promotes your work.  Here is a good example of a business using Instagram effectively.


39) Email Your Gmail / Outlook Contacts and Ask Them to Follow You

The example below shows the best practice for the subject line and the body of the message.


40) Tweet on the Peak Click Through Rate Times of Twitter

Below is a graph that maps out the best CTR for every day and hour of the week.


41) Make Great Blog Comments with Your Twitter Account in the Signature

Here is a great list of tips on how to effectively comment on blogs and forums.


42) Design a One of a Kind Twitter Background

Having a great background design can get your Twitter url forwarded through design communities and posted in blogs.


43) Tweet About Twitter and other Words that Get Retweeted

To state the obvious, tweets about Twitter on average will get more clicks and retweets than almost anything else.


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