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50 Easiest Ways to Make Money from Your Phone

There are many ways to make money from your phone. The easiest ways usually won’t make much money, but they can turn your spare time into some extra income. However, if you put in hard work, there are also some legit ways to make good money and even replace your day job from your phone.

Here are the 50 best ways to make extra money in your free time by running a side hustle from your cell phone.

1. Make Money Uploading Your Photos to Shutterstock

Steps to Do This:

  • Create an account with Shutterstock or other stock photography websites.
  • Take high-quality photos with your phone and upload them.
  • Try to choose relevant photos for high-popularity tags that have a low number of results.
  • Get paid each time someone uses one of your photos.

2. Resell eBooks Online

Steps to Do This:

  • Find eBooks that have resale rights available. You can use a site like theplrstore or eBook Junkie.
  • Create a profile with Amazon KDP (see idea no. 23) or another online eBook publisher.
  • Publish your new eBook online.
  • Promote your book in relevant locations. Get involved in the comments on popular YouTube Channels or add valuable answers on Quora or Reddit.

3. Sell Your Photos and Videos with foap

Steps to Do This:

  • Visit foap and create your free profile.
  • Take photos and videos and upload them to your portfolio.
  • Increase your chance to earn with high-quality, relevant, and trending photo subjects.
  • Curate your collection carefully and add relevant tags.
  • Respond to “missions” set by brand users (clients) and submit your best work related to their request for a chance to win cash prizes starting from $100.

4. Start a YouTube Channel with Creative Commons Videos

Steps to Do This:

  • Create a YouTube channel.
  • Consistently upload creative commons videos with your own commentary and description.
  • Once your channel has 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers, request to be monetized.
  • Run ad sense ads during all of your videos to generate ad revenue.

5. Make Money Sharing Shortened URLs

Steps to Do This:

  • Create an account with 7r6.com or another URL shortener.
  • Find good websites or popular YouTube videos in a large niche.
  • Shorten the links to these videos or websites.
  • Share these monetized links in high-traffic locations such as Twitter feeds and Reddit pages for ongoing passive income.

6. Complete Online Surveys with Survey Sites

Steps to Do This:

  • Join a paid market research site. Opinion Outpost and Survey Junkie are among the most popular.
  • Complete surveys when they become available to you.
  • With Survey Junkie, you can also download SJ Pulse and share your digital browsing and online shopping activity for bonus points.
  • Redeem your points for Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash, or other rewards.

7. Declutter and Make Money

Steps to Do This:

  • Go through everything that you own and decide what you no longer need or do not use.
  • An old leather jacket, refrigerator, bed from the spare room, etc.
  • List items for sales on Facebook marketplace or decluttr.
  • If you have high-end brand bags, clothing, shoes, or jewelry, websites like TheRealReal (authenticated in-house) and Tradesy (not pre-authenticated) are popular options.

8. Own and Spend Real Gold with Glint

Gold is widely considered safer and more reliable than national currency, with Glint you can own and spend gold like normal dollars. This means your money will usually go up, just like the value of gold. But you can spend it instantly from a Glint card, just like real money.

Steps to Do This:

  • Visit Glint and download the Glint Pay App.
  • Create your Glint account.
  • Fund your Glint account with US dollars from your bank account.
  • Use your dollars to buy gold with the Glint app.
  • Enjoy increases in your wealth whenever the value of gold increases.
  • Order your Glint card and spend your gold anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

9. Become a User Tester with UserTesting

Steps to Do This:

  • Visit UserTesting and submit your email to get started.
  • Complete a quick practice test to make sure you are what they are looking for.
  • Browse for open testing opportunities, and pass the screening questions to get the job.
  • Complete the tests that you are successful in applying for.
  • Get rewarded for your opinion.

10. Sell Your Expertise with Just Answer

Steps to Do This:

  • Visit Just Answer and apply to be an expert.
  • Provide your personal details, explain your experience field and pass a background check.
  • After a few days, your check will be completed, and you will be approved.
  • Download the Just Answer App and log in.
  • Start answering questions and earn money each time you respond.

11. Play Games and Complete Simple Tasks with Swagbucks or InboxDollars

These are some of the most popular ways to make money on your own schedule, like during your lunch break. They’re basically free money and are used by a lot of people.

Steps to Do This:

  • Visit Swagbucks or InboxDollars and sign up for an account.
  • Earn points playing mobile games or downloading your favorite apps.
  • Complete tasks to earn extra points.
  • Redeem points for free gift cards and cash rewards.

12. Get Paid to Share Your Data

Steps to Do This:

  • Visit Nielsen and sign up to be a consumer panel member and pass a background check.
  • Download the Nielsen mobile and computer apps.
  • Go about your usual grocery shopping and online purchases as normal.
  • Collect $50 in points each year to purchase gift cards for use at major retailers.
  • Be in the monthly sweepstakes draw for one of 10 x $1000 cash prizes.

13. Earn Money Reading Books

Steps to Do This – Method 1 (fun way):

  • Join one of the many paid review sites.
  • Read books that interest you, leave reviews and collect some extra cash for your time.

Steps to Do This – Method 2 (serious way):

  • This way can earn serious money. First, join a freelance site such as Upwork.
  • Next, apply for proofreading tasks.
  • Finally, provide high-quality proofreading services with detailed feedback for clients.

14. Freelance with Upwork or Freelancer

Steps to Do This:

  • Download the free app for either freelancer or Upwork and create an account.
  • Search for tasks that you have the skills to complete.
  • To have the most success, take time to write high-quality proposals.
  • Be willing to start on low money while you develop your reputation.
  • Do great work, even for low money, to get a good feedback score.

15. Flip Domain Names

Steps to Do This:

  • Use a tool like GoDaddy’s domain name searcher to find available domain names that might be appealing to a particular market.
  • Evaluate the domain based on relevance, length, brand relatability, and searchability.
  • Register the domain if you think it is valuable.
  • List the domain name for sale. This can be done by creating a landing page at that domain with sales information, leaving your registry information public, or listing the domain at auction.

16. Flip Websites

Steps to Do This:

  • Use online platforms like Exchange or Flippa to find websites and ebusinesses for sale.
  • Find a website that is undervalued. This is usually a small business that has a great product/supply chain and poor marketing.
  • Give the website an overhaul and pay for some marketing to generate sales and traffic.
  • Relist the website for a profit.

17. Earn Cryptocurrency with Cointiply

Steps to Do This:

  • Visit Cointiply and sign up for your free account. For Android users, there is an app available from the Google play store.
  • Answer questions, play games, watch videos, and complete tasks to earn points.
  • Collect points and redeem them for your preferred cryptocurrency.
  • Earn 5% interest on your coins when you have a balance of 35,000 coins or more.
  • You will need to convert your cryptocurrency into real money. This can be done with Bitcoin ATMs or with the help of sites such as Coinbase or The Living Room of Satoshi.

18. Earn Money with Product Review Videos

Steps to Do This:

  • Sign up for an affiliate account with a service such as Amazon Associates or ClickBank.
  • Search for recent product review videos on popular YouTube channels.
  • Copy and paste your affiliate link for the product into the comments.
  • To increase success, include a relevant comment with your link and try to be one of the first to post on videos.

19. Make Money by Creating a Blog with Affiliate Links

Steps to Do This:

  • Create your own blog, or create a channel on a site such as Reddit or Tumblr.
  • Sign up for an affiliate account with a service such as Amazon Associates or ClickBank.
  • Find a recent, high-traffic product review video on YouTube.
  • Write a short blog that summarizes the video content. Include an affiliate link to the recommended product(s).
  • Share your product review on your blog, Reddit page, or Tumblr.
  • Try to pick products that relate to current trending conversations on Tumblr or Reddit.

20. Create Gigs with Fiverr

Steps to Do This:

  • Identify a skill that you have to offer, e.g., providing product reviews, website reviews, Google reviews, etc.
  • Install the Fiverr smartphone app and create your account.
  • Create a separate gig for each task.
  • Create several gigs, each at competitive rates, as a great way to start.
  • Increase your rates as your feedback and experience improve.

21. Become a Paid TikTok Influencer

Steps to Do This:

  • Choose a niche you understand.
  • Download the TikTok mobile app and create your account.
  • Post consistent, engaging content and build a following.
  • Once you have 10,000+ followers or a highly responsive viewer base, take the next step.
  • Sell your services passively with sites like Fiverr or actively with Tribe or Intellifluence.

22. Become an Influencer on Instagram

Steps to Do This:

  • Download Instagram to your mobile phone.
  • Find a topic that is popular but does not have many creators.
  • Schedule regular content with a tool like Hootsuite.
  • Build your followers until you have 5000 or more.
  • Look for opportunities for sponsored posts with influencer marketplaces.
  • Create more opportunities with multiple different social media accounts.

23. Create Amazon Books with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Steps to Do This:

  • Go to Amazon KDP and create an account.
  • Decide what type of book you are creating. Puzzle books, diaries, and organizers are good places to start.
  • Create or buy the internal layout for your book and save it as a PDF file (or epub file for eBooks).
  • Create or buy a cover design.
  • Follow the KDP steps to create a new book, give it an Amazon title, and include good keywords and a description.
  • Set your price and submit it for publication.

24. Start an Amazon Dropshipping Store

Steps to Do This:

  • Create an Amazon seller account.
  • Sign up for fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).
  • Find a product you want to sell from a dropshipping supplier.
  • Order a sample product to make sure you are happy with the quality and supplier.
  • Have your products shipped to the Amazon fulfillment center.
  • Create your Amazon store product listing and begin promoting your product.

25. Flip Products on Facebook Marketplace

Steps to Do This:

  • Create (or log into) your Facebook account.
  • Search the Facebook marketplace for free products in a sellable condition in your local area.
  • After you have picked up the free item, make sure it is as clean and presentable as possible.
  • Take new, good-quality photos in good light from appealing angles.
  • Relist the item for sale.

26. Trade Currency or Futures with Investment Apps

Steps to Do This:

  • Download the Forex or eToro apps for your mobile devices (trading is easier on tablets).
  • In some states and countries, you will require account approval and verification.
  • Make a deposit to your Forex trading account from your bank account or credit card.
  • Begin trading.

27. Create and Sell Online Courses

Steps to Do This:

  • Think of a skill, talent, or area of specialized knowledge you could sell.
  • Find your preferred online course host. Kajabi is a great option and an easy way to start because they help market your course. Other options include Udemy, Skillshare, LearnWorlds, Might Networks, Podia, Teachable, Thinkific, Pathwright, Simplero, and Xperiencify.
  • Create your course. Most popular services provide good templates.
  • Spend as much time as you can promoting your course on related YouTube videos, Reddit, and community forums.

28. Create an eStore with Shopify

Steps to Do This:

  • Find a product that you can sell. This can be a physical product, information product, online course, etc.
  • If stuck for an idea, create an online thrift store selling freebies picked up from the Facebook marketplace.
  • Create an online store with Shopify, and use a template to get started quickly.
  • Setup to accept payment via credit card, e.g., Stripe, or using your PayPal account.
  • Add your product(s).

29. Sell Items on Etsy

Steps to Do This:

  • Find products that are artisan or hand-made to sell. A great place to find these can be at a farmers’ market or through the Facebook marketplace.
  • If you are crafty and creative, you can create your own products.
  • Visit Etsy and create your own store.
  • The better you photograph, tag, and describe your product, the easier it will be to get organic traffic.

30. Invest from Your Mobile

Steps to Do This:

  • Download a mobile trading app such as that from Schwab or Fidelity.
  • Start learning using coaching sessions, webinars, and podcasts.
  • When you are ready, make a deposit to your account.
  • Begin trading. Overall, Fidelity has the lowest commission rates of the two.
  • Make withdrawals directly to your bank account.

31. Become a Telephone Appointment Setter for Commission Sales Teams

Many jobs will require a computer or tablet as well as a phone. Most of these are commission-only jobs and are frequently real jobs that require significant time commitments.

Steps to Do This:

  • Use recruitment websites like Indeed to find open opportunities for remote work telephone appointment setters.
  • While harder to do, looking privately with high-commission sales companies or through freelance websites like Freelancer and Upwork can also land these positions.

32. Become Takeout Delivery Driver

Steps to Do This:

  • You will need your own vehicle. A bicycle or scooter is acceptable to most companies.
  • Sign up with Doordash, Uber Eats, or Grubhub.
  • You will need to provide your personal details, delivery vehicle information and pass a screening interview and ID check.
  • Once passed, wait until your delivery hot bag arrives.
  • Now, whenever you have free time, turn on your app, find a delivery near you and deliver it.
  • Tips are a big part of your earnings. Go out of your way to be prompt, courteous, and deliver food hot to really WOW your customers and earn bigger tips.

33. Sell Textbooks with Book Scouter

Steps to Do This:

  • Download the Book Scouter app onto your mobile phone.
  • Find what textbook(s) you have that you no longer need.
  • If any vendor is currently buying, their offer price will be shown.
  • Click the price and complete your sale. A postage-paid label will be sent to you.
  • You can also buy textbooks from local college students for less and resell them with Book Scouter.

34. Do Odd Jobs with TaskRabbit

Steps to Do This:

  • Visit TaskRabbit and see if you have skills that match any of the projects in your area.
  • If there is a task that you can complete, create a tasker account.
  • Look for local tasks and submit your interest.
  • If you are successful, complete the task and get paid.

35. Become an Instacart Shopper

Steps to Do This:

  • Go to Instacart’s jobs page.
  • Apply to become an Instacart shopper.
  • Complete an interview and background check.
  • Download the Instacart app.
  • Make sure you are available at the store for your shifts.
  • The more orders you complete, the more you get paid.
  • Provide higher quality service to earn tips too.

36. Start a YouTube Channel for Mobile Games

Steps to Do This:

  • Create a YouTube account.
  • Choose a popular and trending mobile game and download the game.
  • Use your phone’s screen recorder to record your gameplay.
  • Make your videos more engaging by offering walkthroughs, recording your live commentary, or even a live reaction as you play.
  • Once you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 view hours within a single year, request to monetize your channel.
  • You can also use affiliate links or paid URL shortening links to increase your earnings.

37. Become a Dog Walker

Steps to Do This:

  • You will need to download the Rover or Wag app.
  • Apply to become a walker (or sitter), provide availability and preferred maximum dog size. Complete the application form, provide a photo and your references and complete a background check (a fee may be required for the background check).
  • Wait 10-14 days for the decision.
  • If successful, start accepting walks or pet sitting assignments in your area.
  • With Rover, you can set a lower rate to help get yourself started, but they take a 20% cut. Wag has generous, pre-set rates; however, it takes 40% out of each job.

38. Manage Business’s Social Media Accounts

Steps to Do This:

  • Look for remote work opportunities on recruitment sites or on freelancing sites.
  • Alternately, offer your services via social media community and business pages or via Fiverr.
  • Offer to create and schedule posts and content and respond to customers and questions via social media.

39. Become a Social Media Strategist

Unlike creating content, posting, or responding to social media, the strategy role develops a plan for the number, type, and duration of posts as well as the content type and messaging of the strategy.

Steps to Do This:

  • This job is most easily found by applying on freelancing websites or by advertising your services in the gig economy via Facebook or Fiverr.
  • Offer to develop social media strategies to meet specific company goals and objectives.
  • Deliver professional, well-planned social media strategies.

40. Become a Google Services Consultant

Many Google services can be reliably used from a smartphone or tablet.

Steps to Do This:

  • Visit Google skill shop.
  • Choose a qualification or product to master, e.g., Google Analytics, Google Ad Words, etc.
  • The more qualifications you gain, the more employable you will be.
  • As you gain qualifications, create gigs on Fiverr to reflect this new skill.
  • You can also actively search for work via Upwork or offer your services on Facebook’s small business pages.

41. Flip Antiques

This is one of the most creative ways to make money from a mobile phone.

Steps to Do This:

  • You will need a general knowledge of collectibles or antiques, whether Pokemon cards or Ming Dynasty China. Your knowledge creates the value.
  • Look online for private sales, Craiglist, decluttr, and Facebook marketplace and find items being sold below their collectible value.
  • Relist items so you are more clearly targeting collectors.
  • Try reselling at an antiques or collectors auction or in a related interest group to improve returns.

42. Become a Personal Shopper

Steps to Do This:

  • Choose your niche, whether groceries, furniture, design, or style and fashion, as long as you know your market.
  • A good place to start is to offer your services for free to friends and family.
  • Make sure to document your successes.
  • The hardest part is finding your first paid job. You can look for advertised positions on job sites. But advertising on Fiverr or creating a service page on Facebook and a personal website is usually best.
  • Make sure you have a secure payment method in place and a quality guarantee.

43. Create and Manage Google Ads Campaigns

If you are not familiar with Google Ads, you can learn and get certified for free with Google skill shop.

Steps to Do This:

  • If you want to work only from your phone, you will need to be self-employed.
  • Create listings on gig sites like Fiverr as a passive way to land clients.
  • To start more quickly, apply on Upwork and Freelancer.
  • Offer competitive introductory rates or a free short sample campaign.

44. Invest with Acorns

Acorns is one of the most unique financial products of the last few years. It’s not really making money, but it is making your money work for you.

Steps to Do This:

  • Download the Acorns App to your smartphone.
  • Link the card or (or cards) that you use most frequently (will require logging into your bank).
  • Set how you would like to save “round ups” is popular. It rounds all transactions to the nearest full dollar value and invests or saves the difference.
  • Add a multiplier if you want to save faster.
  • Consider adding a one-time or recurring larger payment.
  • Choose your investment strategy and portfolio (Acorns will give you some tutorials).

45. Become a Field Agent (Mystery Shopper)

Steps to Do This:

  • Download the Field Agent App.
  • Create an account and provide your details.
  • Look for opportunities nearby, reserve and complete them.
  • Wait for your job submission to be reviewed by the Field Agent quality team.
  • Once approved, funds will be released.

46. Earn Rewards by Walking with Sweatcoin

Steps to Do This:

  • Download the Sweatcoin app.
  • Begin walking.
  • When you have enough sweatcoins, visit the sweat marketplace and exchange your coins for branded goods and services.
  • Alternatively, you can convert your sweatcoins into cryptocurrency.

47. Earn with CleanSpace

Steps to Do This:

  • Download the CleanSpace app.
  • Buy a CleanSpace Tag.
  • Pair the tag with your smartphone.
  • Start walking and earn clean miles.
  • As you collect clean miles, you can redeem them for discounts and rewards in the app.

48. Save Money with Truebill

While not really making money, “a penny saved is a penny earned.”

Steps to Do This:

  • Download the Truebill app.
  • Link your bank accounts.
  • Truebill will look for patterns in your spending and give you reports and insights.
  • Find and cancel forgotten subscriptions.
  • See how much your daily coffee addiction really costs you.
  • See how much you really have after the bill comes up next week.
  • Breath a sigh of relief, knowing you’re in good hands.

49. Store Other People’s Stuff with Neighbor

Steps to Do This:

  • Download the Neighbor app.
  • List your space, a driveway, garage, loft, attic, or basement, whatever you’re not using.
  • Decide when and how your renters access their storage space.
  • Relax, and know that your renter’s goods are insured by Neighbor’s insurance.
  • Get guaranteed payment from Neighbor.

50. Earn Money with Social Media Reaction Videos

Gain popularity by leveraging other creators content.

Steps to Do This:

  • Download the latest trending social media platform (currently TikTok).
  • Watch the latest trending videos as provided on the homepage (or follow your favorite rising stars).
  • Record your reactions in real-time.
  • When you get a good reaction, a genuine clap back, laugh, or other reaction, post your response with similar tags to the original plus #reaction.
  • Once you have enough followers and views, apply for the TikTok creators fund.
  • Or, sell your influence with influencer marketplaces.


Whether you are looking to make some spending money, save up for a vacation or replace your job entirely, a side gig from your phone is a great option. You can review new products or old products, watch videos, play games, complete surveys or sell a professional service. There are many great opportunities available. With a computer in your pocket, the only limit to your earning potential is your own imagination.

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