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50 Best Real Estate Side Hustles

Real estate agents can earn lots of extra cash between sales in many ways. The best side hustles for real estate pros often involve using skills and tools you already have.

Some real estate side gigs transform into lucrative businesses themselves. I’ve researched and outlined the 50 best real estate side hustles below.

1. Property Tax Protest Services

Get Started: Contact clients you have helped look for a house, helped find a renter for their rental property, or buy or sell a home in the past. Connect with other real estate agents and offer them a commission for tax protest clients they send you. Don’t be skimpy on the commission as many clients will be your clients for years to come.

Mention your points of differentiation. One is that you are an agent. The other point may be something like charging less than the standard fee.

Potential Earnings: It depends on the market, but in Texas, for example, the going rate is 33% of the tax bill you saved the client.

This means if you saved them $3000 on their tax bill, they pay you $1000. Some tax protest consultants will charge a base fee upfront, such as $125, and have a lower contingency fee such as 25%.

Other Helpful Information: With the tools you have as a real estate agent (comps), you will have the tools you need to do this. You will need to learn the system for protesting in the local appraisal district, and for appealing the decisions. This is generally not hard, and someone is usually happy to show you.

In Texas, again for example, even the average property owner who is not a realtor protests their own taxes. The main reason why people don’t do it themselves is time. It takes time to initially learn the system, and then time to protest and appeal.

2. House Flipping

Getting Started: If you’ve helped renovate properties you were selling before, then you already know at least some contractors that do a good job. Find your contractors and negotiate better prices for repeat business.

Find and buy houses that have non-structural (cosmetic) problems and are being listed for under-market. You can also find them at tax auctions. Remember: you make your money when you buy at the right price.

Potential Earnings: The lower you buy, the more your profit can be. You will need to turn houses quickly for maximum profit. You can also live in your houses while you renovate them so you don’t have to pay for a place to live and can save on home insurance (you won’t legally need to buy the higher-priced home insurance for vacant properties).

Not having to pay the buyer’s real estate agent commission when you buy, and the seller’s real estate agent commission when you sell (because you are the agent), will increase your profit.

If you have breathing issues or allergies, living in the home while you renovate might not be an option, depending on the scale of renovations.

Other Helpful Information: You will want to have your go-to contractors ready for a quick and reliable turnaround. If you start house flipping on a regular basis, it will be better to have your own crew and standardize your supply inventory so it can be used across multiple houses.

Specifically, you will want to have the “in” colors of paint, the same type of paint for different parts of the house, the same tile, the same carpet, the same replacement door knobs if possible, etc.

Finding an area with a growing population and that is going through the early stages of “regentrification” (run-down neighborhoods being purchased for lot value and the houses being redone or rebuilt) is a sure-fire strategy.

3. Buying and Renting Out Rent Houses

Getting Started: Look to buy starter homes that are 3/2/2’s (3 bedroom/2 bathrooms, 2 car garage or carport), no frills, and are priced right so you can charge a low rent to cover your mortgage and taxes. The cheaper the house, the more renters will be available to you.

Remember to calculate your buyer’s agent part of the commission into your calculation of how much you need to charge a renter. You won’t have to pay the buyer’s agent’s commission, since you are the buyer’s agent (the buyer is you).

Potential Earnings: Your goal is to at least cover the mortgage, property taxes and upkeep on the home. This way, the renter is buying the house for you. If you can get more than that in rent, it’s a bonus.

You could earn more money by finding worn down 3/2/2’s, renovating them and then renting them out.

Other Helpful Information: Just like with house flipping, you want to have your go-to contractors or crew ready to fix the houses up quickly for a fair price and get them rented.

You will also want to focus your rent houses in a concentrated area so you don’t waste time driving across town in between houses when you need to be there in person.

4. Home Sale Pre-Listing and Buying Pre Move-In Renovations

Many homes need paint, carpet or more before being listed for sale. It is a hassle for the homeowner to handle these projects in addition to everything else involved in moving. The same is true for a buyer who has purchased a home that isn’t ready to be moved into. You can make money by being their solution and speed up your real estate transactions at the same time.

Getting Started: Use your existing real estate leads and network to offer a home-prep service to your clients. Your services could give the home a face lift in preparation for listing for sale (new paint and carpet) or something more extensive.

Your services could extend to home buyers who want some updates or improvements made before they move into a home they are purchasing. Your existing real estate clients are your same clients for this service.

Potential Earnings: The full-time owner of a renovation business can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions a year. If this is merely a side gig or an extra service you’ll offer to your existing customers, you may only earn a few extra thousand.

However, these services will help you close your deals, and more quickly. For the home seller, you will make the sale easier since you will be handling the make-ready, and since you have your crew ready, you can get the home on the market more quickly. For the home buyer, you can sell the dream or vision of how the home will look after the renovation.

Other Helpful information: Just like with flipping houses and buying and renting out rent houses, you will need your crew ready (see House Flipping for more information).

5. Freelance House Staging

Getting Started: Create a portfolio of properties you have staged as a real estate professional. Create a website to promote your interior design services. Tap into your network of property owners to find those who may be in need of home staging or interior design help.

Potential Earnings: Freelance interior designers may charge between $50 and $500 an hour for their services.

Other Helpful Information: Focus on offering your services to those who need help staging rental properties to make them look more appealing to potential tenants.

6. Interior Design Consulting

Getting Started: Similar to the above, if you’re actively involved in staging properties as a real estate professional, you may also promote your interior design consulting services for homeowners and business owners. If buyers are moving into a home that has been empty, offer your services to furnish it beautifully and quickly.

Potential Earnings: You may charge $40 to $50 per hour.

Other Helpful Information: This is an alternative to offering home staging services that doesn’t involve a lot of work.

7. Create an Online Course for Real Estate Professionals

Getting Started: Brainstorm ideas for the types of line courses that may appeal to those in the real estate industry. Research platforms for creating, publishing, and hosting online courses, such as Thinkific, Podia, and LearnWorlds. Research other online courses in your niche to choose an idea that’s unique. Create an outline for your course. Create the course and set a price.

Potential Earnings: The average successful online course creator earns between $1,000 and $10,000 every month.

Other Helpful Information: Online courses for new real estate investors are often popular because they teach customers how to earn money themselves.

8. Real Estate Blogging

Getting Started: Experiment with popular blogging platforms and website builders such as WordPress, Wix, and Weebly. Personally, I’ve had the best experience with WordPress. You’ll want to create a content calendar so you can plan your posting and track your goals.

You will also want to post around 4 blog posts per week. Research ad networks such as AdThrive or Mediavine to monetize your blog after your blog reaches their minimum traffic thresholds.

Potential Earnings: Earnings can vary substantially. Successful full-time bloggers may earn six or more figures. Blogging takes time, dedication and consistency over a minimum of 12-18 months to start seeing real results.

Other Helpful Information: You can further monetize your blog by using it to promote your other services and products, as well as use it for affiliate marketing.

9. Create a Real Estate YouTube Channel

Getting Started: Purchase a quality camera, tripod, audio recording equipment, lighting equipment, and video editing software. Research competitor channels to brainstorm the types of YouTube videos those interested in real estate careers may find useful. Film at least five videos before uploading them. Promote videos on social media, your website, etc.

Potential Earnings: It’s likely this will be a side gig that could bring in a few hundred dollars on a monthly basis.

Other Helpful Information: Apps such as Filmic Pro can turn a smartphone into a pro-quality video camera.

10. Real Estate eBook Writing

Getting Started: Brainstorm the type of book that you would have found useful when first earning your real estate license. Make a chapter-by-chapter outline. Decide whether you will write the book yourself or hire a freelancer to write it for you.

Research eBook self-publishing platforms (such as Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing) to determine how you will publish and sell your completed book. Write, edit, and publish. Promote your book through other channels (such as your blog), paid ads, and any other methods that occur to you.

Potential Earnings: The average eBook author only earns a few hundred dollars per year, but this is because many don’t promote their work. Keep in mind that an eBook can be a great way to promote your real estate company as well.

Other Helpful Information: Tools such as Canva can help you design an attractive cover for your eBook easily and affordably.

11. Rent Out Storage Space

Getting Started: Identify space in your own home or other properties you own where you may be able to store certain items. Take pictures of your space and promote it on Craigslist or Facebook. Research storage space/unit insurance to convince customers to trust you with their belongings.

Potential Earnings: The average storage unit costs about $180 per month. Because you’re not a professional, you may have to offer lower-than-average rates to attract customers.

Other Helpful Information: Your professional network could help you find customers in need of space to store their belongings as they get ready to move.

12. Freelance Real Estate Photography

Getting Started: Create a portfolio of pictures you’ve taken to promote properties as a real estate agent. Buy a quality camera, tripod, lighting equipment, and photo editing equipment. Create a web presence for your photography business.

Potential Earnings: Freelance photographers typically earn between $39,000 and $52,000 annually. You should expect to earn less if photography isn’t your full-time business.

Other Helpful Information: Including people in pictures you take of your rental properties and properties you intend to sell can be an excellent way to show off your ability to photograph people in other settings (such as parties, weddings, etc.).

13. Real Estate Investing

Getting Started: Research online real estate investing platforms, such as FundRise and RealtyMogul. Thoroughly research the real estate market to identify investment opportunities that appear safe.

Potential Earnings: Those who invest in large-scale real estate projects can earn millions. Because you’re probably only investing in the local market to earn some passive income, you’re more likely to earn a few extra thousand a year.

Other Helpful Information: Buying real estate investment trusts (REITs) is a common way for beginners to purchase real estate through companies that actually own their properties.

14. Real Estate Coaching

Getting Started: Create a website and other promotional materials for your real estate coaching side job. Place ads in local markets and promote your services to existing customers, those in your professional network, and anyone else who may have an interest in getting involved in your line of work or who has just started out as a realtor and needs help.

Potential Earnings: Real estate coaches may charge between $300 to $1500 a month for their services. This could be a perfect way to make good money off your existing skill set.

Other Helpful Information: Offering your coaching services virtually may help you reach more customers.

15. Property Management

Getting Started: Look for property manager jobs with other real estate agents or property management companies you already have a relationship with. Your role would involve collecting monthly rent and similar tasks. If you plan on working independently as a property manager, you’ll need to earn a professional license. Research the requirements in your state.
Consider earning a professional certification (such as Accredited Residential Manager).

Potential Earnings: Full-time property managers earn more than $100,000 annually. You may not earn that much money if this is a part-time gig, but property management is still a good side hustle for someone with your professional experience.

Other Helpful Information: If you can find the opportunities, you may want to begin with property management for short-term rentals to see if this is the type of work you would enjoy doing more often.

16. Generate Leads for Real Estate Agents

Getting Started: Ask your colleagues if they have any properties they are struggling to find buyers for. Ask if they would agree to pay a referral fee or finder’s fee if you were to bring buyers to them.

Potential Earnings: A typical finder’s fee for real estate transactions is between 5% and 35% of a seller’s commission.

Other Helpful Information: If this turns out to be an ideal side hustle for you, you may also consider becoming a bird dog. This is someone who finds inexpensive properties that may appeal to real estate investors.

17. Marketing for Local Business Owners

Getting Started: Create sample marketing plans for local businesses based on the marketing plans you use to sell properties. Reach out to business owners in your area to offer your services.

Potential Earnings: Freelance marketers typically charge between $50 and $200 per hour.

Other Helpful Information: Point to your successes in marketing properties to show customers how you may market their businesses.

18. Become an Airbnb Host

Getting Started: Leverage your industry knowledge to identify any properties you own that may serve as Airbnb destinations. Research local laws to ensure you’re allowed to list an Airbnb in your area. Create an Airbnb account. Research properties similar to yours to determine what a fair price would be.

Use your real estate photography skills to take pictures that will attract visitors. List your space with an appropriate price, impressive pictures, and a thorough and accurate description.

Potential Earnings: The average Airbnb host earns around $14,498 for a whole house and $5,260 for a private room.

Other Helpful Information: Choosing a theme that matches what brings tourists to your area (such as “city life” or “rustic living”) can make your Airbnb stand out.

19. Real Estate Investing Podcasting

Getting Started: Find a space to record your podcasts. Buy recording equipment. Research other real estate investing podcasts and identify ways to differentiate yours.

Potential Earnings: Earnings will depend on audience size. A successful podcast that attracts about 5,000 listeners per episode could earn its creator over $4,000 per month.

Other Helpful Information: During episodes, promote your day job as a real estate professional.

20. Locally-Centric Freelance Writing

Getting Started: Contact the editors of local publications to ask if they accept freelance submissions. Pitch story ideas that take advantage of your knowledge of the area.

Potential Earnings: Publications may pay between $50 to $1000 for freelance articles.

Other Helpful Information: Consider starting a blog to establish yourself as a skilled writer.

21. Rent Out a Parking Space

Getting Started: Identify potential parking spaces on properties you own. Set up accounts with services such as Neighbor.com and SpotHero. Use your real estate skills to promote why your space is a convenient option for visitors.

Potential Earnings: You may earn $50 to $300 per month.

Other Helpful Information: Advertise how your parking space offers easy access to local transportation and attractions.

22. Real Estate Appraisal

Getting Started: Research the requirements for becoming a licensed real estate appraiser in your state. Earn your license and promote your services on your website.

Potential Earnings: The average salary for a real estate appraiser is about $57,000.

Other Helpful Information: Your professional network can help you find customers for your appraisal services.

23. Real Estate Auctioneer

Getting Started: Research the requirements for becoming a licensed real estate auctioneer in your state. Earn your license and let all customers and colleagues know this is a service you now offer.

Potential Earnings: The average salary for an auctioneer is about $40,000.

Other Helpful Information: As a licensed auctioneer, you could earn extra cash auctioning off other items.

24. Real Estate Graphic Design

Getting Started: Depending on your current graphic design experience, you may need to take classes and experiment with tools such as Canva to improve your skills. Create a portfolio of promotional items you’ve designed for your own graphic design business.

Potential Earnings: You may earn a few extra hundred or thousand dollars a month if you offer freelance real estate graphic design as a side gig.

Other Helpful Information: A/B tests different designs for the same promotional items to determine which designs are most effective.

25. Real Estate Data Analysis

Getting Started: Take an online or local course on real estate data analytics. Choose one that awards you a certificate of completion. Promote this service to your existing and new customers.

Potential Earnings: Salaries for real estate data analysts range from $30,000 to $280,000. You may turn this into a steady stream of income if you add it to the list of services you offer.

Other Helpful Information: You can apply your data analysis skills to improve your own real estate business.

26. Ghostwriting for Real Estate Publications

Getting Started: If you already write your own real estate blog or website content, find other real estate professionals on Upwork or Fiverr in need of ghostwriting services.

Potential Earnings: An average freelance ghostwriter may charge about $30 per hour.

Other Helpful Information: Guest blogging is another way to make extra cash off your writing skills.

27. Real Estate Tutoring

Getting Started: Create a website to offer tutoring services to those studying to get their real estate licenses. Although not a legal requirement, you can earn a tutoring certification to attract more customers.

Potential Earnings: Hourly rates for tutors range from $20 to $200 per hour.

Other Helpful Information: You can get a job with a tutoring service if you’re having trouble finding customers on your own.

28. Real Estate Consulting

Getting Started: Create a section on your website promoting your consulting services.

Potential Earnings: Real estate consultants may charge between $40 to $50 per hour on average.

Other Helpful Information: Instead of offering general real estate consulting, consider offering consulting on a specific topic, such as real estate investing or attracting home buyers.

29. Real Estate Web Design

Getting Started: Design your own website and ask friends, family, and colleagues if you can design theirs (for no cost or for a discount) to create a portfolio.

Potential Earnings: An average freelance web designer may charge $75 per hour.

Other Helpful Information: Your professional network may connect you with clients in need of web design help.

30. Become an Escrow Agent

Getting Started: Research the requirements for becoming a licensed real estate escrow agent in your state. Earn your license and promote this service.

Potential Earnings: Full-time real estate escrow officers or agents may earn between $50,000 and $80,000 on average.

Other Helpful Information: This is an extra service you can offer your existing customers, ensuring it’s easy to find clients.

31. Real Estate Virtual Tour Designer

Getting Started: Buy a camera that allows you to take 360-degree panoramic photos with a fish-eye lens. Practice designing 360-degree virtual tours of your own properties. Build a portfolio and offer this service to other real estate professionals and property managers.

Potential Earnings: You may earn a few extra hundred or thousand dollars a month by offering this service.

Other Helpful Information: You can also design virtual tours for local businesses, college campuses, and other potential customers.

32. Give Local Tours (In-Person Tour Guide)

Getting Started: Research whether your city, region, or state requires local tour guides to earn licenses. Find out if any local historical societies or tour companies have job openings, or consider starting your own side business.

Potential Earnings: Tour guides may earn between $15 and $50 per hour, plus tips.

Other Helpful Information: Pitch your services by explaining that, as a real estate professional, you’re very familiar with the local area.

33. Real Estate Bookkeeping

Getting Started: Consider earning a bookkeeping certification from a local community college or a respected online education platform. Contact other real estate professionals to pitch your bookkeeping services.

Potential Earnings: The average base salary for a full-time bookkeeper is about $50,000.

Other Helpful Information: Experiment with small business bookkeeping software like Intuit QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Xero to determine which best serves your needs.

34. Real Estate App Development

Getting Started: Earn an app development certification from a respected education institution. Create an app for your own real estate business to show off what you can do to potential clients.

Potential Earnings: Mobile app developers charge $40 to $80 per hour on average.

Other Helpful Information: Earn a certification to develop both iOS and Android apps to serve as many potential clients as possible.

35. Teach (Real Estate School, Community College or 4-Year College)

Getting Started: Check the job boards of real estate schools (both in-person and online), junior colleages with real estate programs, and 4-year colleges (both local and online) to find part-time or adjunct teaching positions. Earn professional licenses or certifications you may need to qualify for jobs.

Most positions will require a master’s degree. Submit applications to relevant job posts highlighting your real estate business experience.

Potential Earnings: Adjunct professors earn an average of $20,000 to $25,000 annually. Teaching part-time won’t replace your full-time career, but it could help you earn some extra money in your spare time.

Other Helpful Information: If you don’t have the time to teach a full class, a local college may pay you to give a one-time lecture on real estate investing.

36. Guest Spots on Local Radio

Getting Started: Research local radio stations to find which feature interviews with local professionals. Send letters to these stations pitching your services as an expert who can comment on local market conditions, ways listeners can earn extra rental income, etc.

Potential Earnings: A station may pay you from $50 to a few hundred dollars for a guest appearance.

Other Helpful Information: Podcasters who cover local issues might also have an interest in your services.

37. Become a Virtual Assistant (in the Real Estate industry)

Getting Started: Complete online virtual assistant training courses. Searching for real estate agents, property management professionals, and others in the industry who have job postings on Upwork, Indeed, Craigslist, and other such platforms. Look for virtual assistant jobs and also other work that you can do for them remotely, even if the job posting doesn’t specifically advertise for a “VA.”

Potential Earnings: An average virtual assistant earns about $25 per hour.

Other Helpful Information: Mentioning you have experience with real estate and property management work in applications and online profiles can help you land virtual assistant jobs you might be uniquely qualified for.

38. Join a Local Real Estate Investing Group

Getting Started: Conduct an online search to see if there are existing real estate investing groups in your city. Contact members of your professional network to start your own real estate investing group if one doesn’t already exist.

Potential Earnings: Earnings can vary substantially. Again, major real estate investors can earn millions, but that’s not to be expected.

Other Helpful Information: Don’t just use this group as an opportunity to find investments. Regularly meeting with other real estate professionals could give you all the chance to share other creative ways to earn a lot of money with little time invested.

39. Become a Notary Public

Getting Started: Check the National Notary Association’s website to learn what the process of becoming a notary public involves in your state. Gather all documents needed to complete and submit the application. Pay the filing fee. Complete any other requirements that may apply in your state.

Examples may include taking a course, passing an exam, and undergoing a background check. Receive your certification.

Potential Earnings: Approximately 43% of part-time notary publics earn at least $500 a month. Becoming a notary public may be one of the easiest ways to boost your monthly cash flow.

Other Helpful Information: Mention that you’re a notary public often to clients and colleagues. In the real estate industry, your services may be particularly valuable.

40. Offer Home and Property Cleaning Services

Getting Started: Before a house is listed for sale, it is deep cleaned. Similarly, after a tenant moves out of a rental, it is deep cleaned and made ready for the next tenant (a “make ready”).

Do research on who existing local realtors recommend for cleaning services to their property sellers, and who local real estate investors use to clean their rent houses. Research these companies and find your point of differentiation (cheaper, same crew, same day services, etc.).

Create a website for your cleaning services. Consider turning this side business, buying insurance and hiring cleaning staff.

Potential Earnings: House cleaning companies charge an average of $40 to $45 an hour per cleaning person.

Other Helpful Information: As a real estate professional, you can use your network and professional real estate organizations to get feedback on your competition and gain leads.

41. House Sitting Service

Getting Started: Create accounts with popular house-sitting platforms such as TrustedHouseSitters.com, MindMyHouse, and HouseSittersAmerica.com. Create a profile highlighting the fact that you are a licensed real estate agent.

This can be a good way to make the right impression on potential employers and quickly build trust. Thoroughly review open job listings and apply to those you know will fit your schedule.

Potential Earnings: You may earn between $50 to $100 per day of house sitting.

Other Helpful Information: Use your profile on house-sitting platforms like MindMyHouse to mention if you have any other specific skills that could make you stand out among other applicants, such as pet-sitting skills.

42. Give Talks at Local Libraries

Getting Started: Write lectures you could give on real estate topics. Contact local libraries pitching your talks.

Potential Earnings: How much money a library pays a guest speaker can range from $50 to $500.

Other Helpful Information: The best way to increase your earnings when giving a talk at a local library may be to promote your other services and products during your lecture.

43. Affiliate Marketing

Getting Started: Research popular affiliate marketing programs for beginners, such as Amazon Associates, ShareASale, and ClickBank. Choose a program, find partners, and create a blog or other channel through which you can promote their products or services. Earn a commission every time a piece of content you publish results in a sale.

Potential Earnings: The average affiliate marketer earns $60,000 a year. Keep in mind that some treat affiliate marketing as a full-time job. Your earnings may be less if you’re simply using this as a way to make some extra cash in your free time.

Other Helpful Information: Choose affiliate partners whose products match your interests and professional skill set.

44. Stock Market Investing

Getting Started: Create an investing account with a trusted brokerage. Thoroughly research investment opportunities to ensure you’re not gambling.

Potential Earnings: It’s impossible to predict how much you may earn investing in the stock market. What’s most important is that you play it safe. Your goal may not even be to earn extra income for regular expenses. Investing in the stock market may be better as a means of saving for retirement.

Other Helpful Information: Anyone with whom you share real estate investing ideas might also have ideas for stock market investments.

45. Personal Shopping

Getting Started: When a deal closes, let the new owners of a property know you have experience staging properties and can help them purchase the right decor for their new homes. Develop a portfolio of properties you’ve helped customers buy furniture and decor for.

Potential Earnings: Personal stylists charge between $100 to $300 an hour. As a personal shopper, you could charge similar rates.

Other Helpful Information: Personal shopping is a service you could offer along with home staging.

46. Small Event Planning

Getting Started: Create promotional materials for your event planning services. Distribute these materials at open houses and other such events you may already host.

Potential Earnings: You may charge between $25 and $75 per hour for event planning services.

Other Helpful Information: This is a great side hustle for a real estate pro who already plans small events like open houses. Create a section on your website highlighting the other types of events you may plan.

47. Vacation Planning

Getting Started: Test out your vacation planning skills by creating itineraries for potential home buyers visiting your area. Create a blog or other such channel focusing on things to do in your area. This can help you promote your business.

Potential Earnings: You may charge between $100 to $300 to create a vacation itinerary for those visiting your region.

Other Helpful Information: As a real estate pro, you’re likely familiar with your area. Helping tourists find the best things to do in the area could also help you strike up relationships with local business owners and the general public.

48. Social Media Management

Getting Started: Create a portfolio showing how you’ve successfully managed your own social media accounts. Refer clients and customers to your portfolio. Offer your services or ask them to refer those who may need them.

Potential Earnings: Hourly rates for social media management usually range from $50 to $100.

Other Helpful Information: Lean on your familiarity with the area to offer social media management to local businesses.

49. Driving for Uber or Lyft

Getting Started: Gather documentation confirming you are over 21 years of age, can pass a DMV background check, have a smartphone, and have a registered and insured vehicle. Choose which service you wish to drive with and research the driver application process.

Potential Earnings: An average Uber driver working 20 hours a week may earn between $350 and $400.

Other Helpful Information: When driving passengers, consider promoting your day job and other side hustles.

50. Pet Sitting

Getting Started: Set up accounts on platforms such as Rover.com. Find pet-sitting jobs in your area.

Potential Earnings: Pet sitters may charge between $50 to $100 per day.

Other Helpful Information: Marketing yourself as a real estate professional can show customers you’re the type they may trust to responsibly care for their pets.


Being a real estate agent involves cultivating a range of skills. Good news: as these examples prove, there are many ways you can earn extra cash from the skills you already have.

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