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59 Great Air and Water Pollution Campaign Slogans

The Clean Air Act was established for the EPA to protect against the six primary pollutants in the air. These are carbon monoxide, ozone, lead, nitrogen dioxide, particulate pollution, and sulfur dioxide. The level of pollutants released into our environment are checked regularly to measure the environmental impact of pollutant disposal. Pollution is also known as one of the biggest killers worldwide, impacted over 100 million people each year. This affects more people than diseases such as Malaria and HIV. Over a billion people worldwide lack access to clean and safe drinking water, resulting in over 5,000 people dying each day from contaminated resources. To combat the effects of pollution, a series of pollution campaign slogans below have been used by a variety of organizations and individuals to help raise awareness of the negative effects of pollution. These are meant to inspire your own creativity and take part in the fight for a cleaner environment.

Air mask is a short-term solution of air pollution.
Air pollution can hit IQ level of your kids.
Air pollution cause asthma in your kids.
Air pollution is main cause of several respiratory diseases.
Always recycle and cycle.
Always use public transport to reduce air pollution.
Be aware or else greenery will become rare.
Be part of the pollution solution.
Be wise, Let the greenary rise!
Consider the city your living room. Keep it clean!
Do something drastic to make the planet fantastic.
Do your share for a cleaner air.
Don’t be mean – keep it clean.
Don’t be mean be green, help a fellow or the world will be yellow.
Don’t burn the plastic as it makes our atmosphere drastic.
Erase the Waste.
Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute.
Green Revolution is the best Solution to remove Pollution.
If you litter, the future will be bitter.
Join the “No Pollution Revolution.”
Join the revolution and stop the pollution. Be part of the solution, not of air pollution.
Keep planting trees to hit air pollution.
Less pollution is the best solution.
Lesser the pollution, better the life.
Let’s move towards green to keep the planet clean.
Litter a day makes the earth go away.
Make no pollution your new year resolution.
Modern technology owes ecology an apology.
Nature is for everyone’s need and not for everyone’s greed.
Never let anyone to pollute your environment.
No pollution is the clear solution.
Nurture Nature.
Polluting the environment is a punishable crime.
Pollution aint cool so don’t be a fool.
Pollution – if you dont kill it , it will kill you.
Pollution is also a weapon of mass destruction.
Pollution is injurious to health.
Pollution is our silent enemy, just finish it silently.
Pollution – find a solution else our future will become an illusion.
Prevent environmental health hazards.
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
Save the critters, don’t litter!
Say no to pollution in every moment of your life.
Sensitize people on harms of pollution.
Silence is the best tool to combat noise pollution.
Spread it on Twitter, Not to Litter.
Stop pollution or else there will be nature’s retribution.
The best solution of pollution is its dilution.
The call to refuse the plastic is a turn to stop the drastic.
the time bomb is ticking,defuse it before it’s too late.
To be fantastic don’t litter with plastic.
Trash is a pain in the cash.
Tree plantation is the best option against pollution.
Trees are the only crown of earth so save them.
Using plastic is going to be drastic.
Water pollution can create stone in your kidney.
Water pollution is main cause of gastro diseases.
Wipe out pollution before it wipes you out.
Your mother doesn’t want to pick up after you, and neither do your children.

Air and water pollution can have many effects on human health. From increasing the risk of cancer to respiratory illness, pollution is an action that impacts everyone around. The following infographic takes a look at the top countries for polluting and other related statistics to the effects of pollution.
Worldwide Pollution Statistics and Facts

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