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21 Great Family Mission Statement Examples

A family mission statement is a great way to ensure that all family members have a shared vision and that each member of the family understands your family values. Family meetings should be used to discuss the family’s purpose and agree on important priorities, ensuring that everyone works toward the same end result and in service of the family’s core values.

Effective families use action statements to form a clear family vision that makes the family’s priorities clear, encourages positive contributions from each member, and guides family decisions. Let’s look at 21 great examples of family mission statements that will foster your family’s sense of purpose and unity.

#1. Building a Strong Family

It is our mission statement as a family to build strong and effective interpersonal relationships with each other and to be able to rely on each other for support. We will dedicate time to each other, get to know each other as friends and individuals, and also spend time interacting as a family to build a strong family unit.

In doing this, each member of the family can be certain of where they stand in the family, represent the values of the family, and turn to each other for support in times of need.

#2. Creating Multi-Generational Wealth

As a family, it is important to us to not only be empowered to realize our dreams and goals, but also to help future generations do the same through multi-generational wealth. To realize this, we must practice financial prudence and the principles of sound investment. We must ensure that each member of the family has a strong financial education and the opportunity to gain investment knowledge at a young age.

As a family, we will pursue financial literacy through regular reading and educational courses, and we will include all members in the financial decision-making process to effectively educate each generation on how to make prudent and wise financial decisions.

#3. Leaving a Legacy

The greatest families of history were not single-generation endeavors but were built on the works of their forebears. In recognition of this, we will instill in our children an understanding of the purpose of legacy and the importance of building the family name. This will require a commitment to financial education and prudent investment to enable our family to do great good.

In addition, a commitment to the values of honesty, integrity, and diligence are integral to building and maintaining our family’s reputation with all whom we are involved with, in business and in life.

#4. Empowering Each Other to Realize Our Individual Goals

Our family vision statement is that each of us would be happy and fulfilled in all that we do. To do this, we share the dream that each of us can achieve a state of self-actualization, of being the very best that we can be at the things that are important to us. We will teach ourselves and our children the value and the importance of goal setting and how to develop plans to reach these goals.

We believe that the best way to do this is to create an environment that is loving, supportive, and free of judgment, where we can share our visions and our concerns openly. We will view obstacles as opportunities for growth and work together and utilize our unique strengths to assist each other in realizing our personal goals.

#5. To Raise Children with Strong Values and Morals

We want to raise a family that has strong moral and ethical values and who always does what is right. We will raise our children to value honesty and integrity, to speak out when something is wrong. It is important then that we raise our children with a righteous view of honor and the confidence to always do what is right, not what is popular. We will nurture critical thinking and self-respect and secure the knowledge that an appreciation of your own value is the beginning of appreciating the value of others.

#6. Living Lives in the Service of God

It is important to us to grow as a family in our faith and in service to God. In a world with increasing distractions and diversions from belief and obstructions to regular observance, we want to raise a family known for their commitment to God. In our house, we will regularly guide our decisions and our interactions in accordance with the teachings of God and from a nurturing place of faith.

We will regularly practice our faith and congregate with fellow believers to learn more about God’s word and how it applies to our lives. In doing this, not only will our children be directly exposed to our faith, but they will also witness their parents acting out lives of obedience to God.

#7. Creating a Safe and Loving Home for Our Family

As the world becomes more unpredictable and changes rapidly, it is our family’s mission to remain close and feel loved, supported, and confident to be ourselves at home. To do this, we will demonstrate unconditional love and openness to our family in all they do. We will encourage healthy self-respect and the value of listening to and being confident in your own values and beliefs. Through openness, love, and respect, we will ensure that our children feel safe to be themselves and express themselves.

#8. Valuing Family

We want to instill in our children an appreciation for the value of family and the connection that family brings. We will model out in our day-to-day lives respect and care for each other in all that we do, not just through words of affirmation and acts of kindness, but by demonstrating our love through a willingness to accept correction and to discuss arguments or disagreements in a civil and respectful way.

We will create an environment where having daily meals as a family, without TV, is normal, and where engaging with each other emotionally is appreciated and welcomed. In these simple ways, we will take the first steps in creating a strong and lasting family life.

#9. Enriching the Human Experience

It is the goal of our family to leave the world a better place than we entered it and to leave a lasting and positive impression on those that we meet. We will work, therefore, to be mindful of the environment around us, both the natural environment and our social interactions.

We will be open to the views and expressions of others, even those that we do not agree with. We will seek ways to help others and demonstrate respect. We will be reverent of nature and the natural world, behaving in a way that respects the fragility of nature. Through thoughtful action and volunteer work, we will improve the natural world.

#10. Making a Difference to Those in Need

It is our family’s stated mission that we make a positive difference in the lives of others. We will practice empathy and mindfulness of the needs, concerns, and opinions of others and act in ways that reflect these values. We will manage our finances with care and work hard to improve our income potential to be in a financial position to make a positive impact on those in need through financial and material assistance.

We will raise our children with an appreciation and awareness of these family values and make decisions in all aspects of life that further enable our ability to help others in need.

#11. Building a Family Dynasty

This family seeks to demonstrate our value and worth by establishing our family’s name and power. Our measure of success in this pursuit is through the value of our network and connections, our financial influence, and our reputation in the community. To achieve this, we will guide our decisions with consideration given to improving our standing in these three areas.

We will act with dignity, respect, and honesty, demonstrating that as a family and as individuals, we can be relied upon in both professional and personal life. By taking these actions, we will be in a position to practice open and generous philanthropy and establish a lasting family dynasty.

#12. Making a Positive Impact on the World

We are a family who is committed to making a positive difference in the world. We believe that every person has the power to make an impact, and we strive to live our lives accordingly. We are passionate about giving back and uplifting those around us.

We work together to create lasting change and build a better future for all. We will work tirelessly towards causes we believe in and always treat others with respect and compassion. We believe that every person has the potential to make a change, and we hope to set an example for others through our actions.

#13. Raising Financially Responsible Children

We are a family that is committed to being financially responsible. We believe in hard work and determination, and we instill these values in our children. We want them to understand the importance of money management and saving for their future. We are a team, and we support each other through everything.

Finances are something that can be a stressor in life, but we face them head-on as a family. Our mission is to manage our money responsibly and help our children do the same. Through open communication and working together, we can achieve anything.

#14. Teaching Our Children About Their Ancestors and Their Family History

Our family’s mission is to raise our children with a strong sense of connection to their ancestors and family history. We want them to understand where they came from and the unique role that their family has played in shaping who they are today.

We will instill pride in them for their heritage and teach them the importance of carrying on our traditions. With this knowledge, our hope is that they will have a greater appreciation for life and be motivated to contribute positively to the world around them.

#15. Raising Children Who Are Good Citizens

Our family will strive to live our lives with compassion, integrity, and respect for others. We want to raise independent and self-sufficient children who are also good citizens. To do this, we will make sure to instill strong values like respect, responsibility, and resilience in our children. We also place importance on creating a close-knit family unit where everyone feels supported and loved.

Through this, we will ensure they have the emotional awareness and material capacity to be valuable members of society.

#16. Traveling the World and Experiencing New Cultures

Our family’s mission is to be adventurous and to always seek out new experiences. We believe that life is too short not to explore all that the world has to offer, and we want our children to have a sense of adventure and curiosity about the world. We will always encourage them to try new things, take risks, and step outside of their comfort zone. We are open to change and ready for anything that comes our way.

We will never stop learning and growing, and we will always support each other through thick and thin. We hope that through our example, they will learn to embrace life’s adventures with enthusiasm and a sense of excitement.

#17. To Be a Family That Is Always There for Each Other

We are a tight-knit family that values dependability above all else. We always have each other’s backs and are there for one another through the good times and the bad. We communicate openly and honestly with each other and strive to resolve conflicts in a constructive manner. We know we can always count on each other, no matter what. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with!

Being dependable in our family includes:

  • Being punctual and reliable
  • Fulfilling our commitments
  • Being honest with each other
  • Communicating effectively
  • Listening to and valuing each other’s opinions
  • Respecting each member of our family
  • Supporting each other through life’s challenges

We believe that by being dependable, we can make a difference in the lives of those around us.

#18. Giving Our Children Great Opportunity

It is the mission of our family to be committed to chasing our dreams. We are vibrantly alive and work together to achieve our dreams. We believe that by pursuing our dreams, we can live happy and fulfilling lives. We will encourage and support each other in pursuing our dreams and strive to reach our full potential. By achieving our dreams, we will set an example for others to follow and make a positive impact on the world.

To pursue our dreams, we uphold the following values:

  • Commitment – to ourselves, each other, and our dreams.
  • Communication – honest, open, and respectful communication is key to maintaining a strong family bond.
  • Cooperation – working together towards common goals strengthens our family unit.
  • Creativity – we encourage each other to be creative in everything we do, from solving problems to pursuing our hobbies and interests.
  • By sharing our talents, skills, and resources, we provide opportunities for all family members to succeed.

#19. Raising Children Who Are Happy and Fulfilled

We want to raise children who are happy and fulfilled. We want them to have a good sense of who they are, what they stand for, and where they’re going in life. We will encourage them to develop their own talents and interests, and we will support them as they find their way in the world. To us, this means teaching them the importance of family, helping them find their passions in life, and supporting them as they grow into adulthood.

We will provide a loving home where they can feel safe and secure, and we will encourage them to be themselves and follow their dreams. We will always be there for them, no matter what happens.

#20. Building a Family Who Knows How to Love and Be Loved

Our family mission statement is: to be a loving family that knows how to love and be loved. We strive to live out this mission by valuing each other’s thoughts and feelings, being supportive and understanding, forgiving easily, spending time together, and showing interest in each other’s lives.

We believe that these things are important for creating a close-knit family bond that will last a lifetime. We know that how we treat one another is the most important thing of all, and we are committed to always loving each other deeply.

#21. To Create a Balanced Family

Our family strives for a healthy balance between our work, family, and personal lives. We believe that by taking care of ourselves and spending time together as a family, we are better able to take care of others. We make it a priority to schedule regular family dinners and vacations, and to set aside time each day for personal relaxation and reflection.

We also stay physically active and connected with nature. In this way, we aim to strike a healthy balance in our lives that supports both individual growth and the health of our relationships.


Your family’s mission statement should be unique and clear. It should guide your family’s everyday life and help to balance different priorities. Ideally, it should be able to be condensed into a family motto that can be used as a foundation for your family’s identity. The advantage of a strong family mission statement is that when your family stands together on the proper foundation, your family will be able to overcome major obstacles and leave a legacy for future generations.

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