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21 Best Team Mission Statement Examples

A company’s mission statement is an important tool for creating a clear vision for the entire organization and shaping company culture. Likewise, a team mission statement is important to make sure the entire team understands the bigger picture and each team member knows how their role contributes to the company’s long-term vision. A team’s mission statement provides team members with a common vision and team-specific goals to help them uphold company values and support the company’s purpose.

Here are 21 examples of mission statements to make sure your team works towards the purpose of your business.

21 Best Mission Statements for Teams

#1. Supporting Operations Through Effective Hiring Practices

It is our responsibility to support business operations through effective hiring practices that attract and select the very best talent available. To do this, we will work closely together and communicate openly with each other. We will offer constructive feedback when we identify areas of improvement in the work of our team members. We will also welcome corrections to our own work, learning from our mistakes and improving the quality of our work going forward.

We will take time to understand the role of each other team and department in our company and to understand the requirements of the roles they seek to fill. To best serve the company, other teams, and new employees, we will seek to clearly identify not only candidates with strong technical skills but those with the best personality fit and excellent soft skills for the business.

Through these activities, we will be able to attract and hire the very best of the world’s professionals as employees for our company and, in doing this, achieve a competitive advantage for our business.

#2. Increasing Company Productivity by Valuing Employees

It is the mission of our team to increase our company’s productivity by making our employees feel valued, not just like a number. We will work together to cherish the human spirit, understanding that the people are the heart of successful companies. We will create and implement social programs within the company designed to give our employees a high quality of life both at work and at home. We understand the power of volunteers in our communities and will foster employee community involvement through encouraging creative projects that benefit community wellbeing or the environment.

#3. To Provide a Safe Environment Where Employees Can Do Their Best Work

It is our HR team’s own mission statement to provide a safe and effective work environment for both our team and all other teams within our company. It is important that all employees feel that they are not only safe but obliged to speak up if they identify any workplace risk.

We will foster an environment of transparent and non-judgmental reporting that allows employees to report issues to any HR team member with the knowledge it will be taken seriously, confidentially, and followed up on promptly. This applies equally to dangerous workplace practices with risk of physical injury or death and to sensitive social or relational complaints. Through doing this, we can make a positive difference in our people’s lives and ensure each one has a better everyday life.

#4. To Stay Competitive by Utilizing Innovative Technologies

Our team will support our company’s competitiveness by encouraging the use of innovative technologies and developments and constantly improving processes and workflows. From the use of electric vehicles and ensuring they are charged using sustainable energy suppliers to utilizing VR meetings and 3D printing, our team will explore all opportunities for innovative practices and apply technological developments to our roles and to the whole company.

#5. Producing Results in a Timely and Effective Way

It is the mission of our team to serve our dependent teams, colleagues, and departments by improving our timeliness in producing deliverables. We will achieve this by working closely as a team and dividing tasks according to our strengths, and ensuring a fair and reasonable distribution of tasks among the team. This will benefit the company by allowing other teams to be more productive, leading to improved profitability.

In addition, the time our team will then have available through improved time management can be used to develop our professional skills, work on team-building exercises, or be dedicated to non-time-sensitive tasks to allow for an increased quality of output.

#6. Improving Our Customers’ Experiences

We believe it is a good mission statement for our team to focus on providing our customers with a great experience. We recognize that as part of a customer-centric company, the first step to achieving the company’s mission is to provide value to our customers. To do this, we will ensure that our team’s customer interactions are expedient, courteous, and focused on our customer’s needs.

We will be informed about all aspects of our products and only ever recommend the best product for our customers, regardless of margins or sales commissions. This will develop brand loyalty with our customers and lead to them sharing a positive message about our company, such as on social media.

#7. Creating High-Quality Output

It is the mission statement of our team to serve our company by always producing the best quality work possible. We recognize that the quality of our team’s work directly affects the quality of work from teams that rely on our output, and this affects our customers’ experiences and perceptions. This will directly contribute to the success of our company by ensuring maximum profitability, minimal customer service incidents, and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of all dependent teams. By always producing high-quality results, we can contribute to making this a better place to work and provide benefits to key stakeholders.

#8. Benefit the Company’s Bottom Line by Reducing Costs

Our team will work to benefit our company by improving the bottom line through cost leadership in our operations. We believe that reducing costs is not about cutting corners or sacrificing quality. We will reduce costs by finding new and efficient ways to produce equal or better quality with less time and resources.

In the long run, this will benefit the company through greater efficiency and advanced processes. In the short term, it reduces costs and will improve the teams’ communication and team spirit by requiring strong communication and teamwork.

#9. Providing Exceptional Customer Service

The mission of our team is to provide the highest quality of customer service that we possibly can. This will ensure long-term profitability for the company by increasing customer loyalty and growing brand equity. To achieve this, we will do the following steps:

1) We will treat all customers with respect and empathize with their concerns.
2) We will adopt practices that reduce customer wait times for response to their questions.
3) We will actively accept and distribute customer feedback to appropriate teams to allow for improvement to our products and services.
4) Finally, we will work together as a team, value each other and our unique skills, and treat all team members with respect and courtesy.

#10. To Maximize Our Company’s Profitability Through Exceptional Sales

As a sales team, we will work to provide exceptional value to our company. The success or failure of our team directly impacts our company’s profitability, business sustainability, and job security for our coworkers in the rest of the business. Therefore we make it our mission to maximize profitability through sales.

To do this, we will remove the commonplace hostile competition of sales teams and replace it with an environment of healthy competition. We will each work to be our very best and take time to help the rest of the team to improve their sales skills. It is important too that we do not sacrifice ethics in pursuit of profits and that we always try to do the right thing by our customers to increase repeat business and attract further new business through word of mouth and referrals.

#11. To Deliver Value to Our Customers Through Our Interactions

In any small business, we believe that the sales team is the heart of the company’s long-term financial viability and a key player in sustaining the business through hard times. Our team will work hard to separate our business from the competition and create a meaningful point of difference.

The main difference that we can provide our customers is personal communication and service. We will always behave ethically and respectfully to our customers and provide them with the best service and the best products we possibly can. We will be sure to listen to our customers carefully to provide their feedback and concerns to the relevant R&D, production, or other teams. This will allow our company to make the most of our small size, adapting to consumer demands and expectations faster than our larger competitors.

#12. Growing Brand Equity Through Customer Interactions

It is the goal of our customer service team to help our company to succeed through our interactions with customers. When customers contact customer service at most businesses, they expect to be given a hard time. We will use this as a point of difference. We will welcome all customer contact, both good and bad, openly. We will seek to resolve our customers’ complaints with equal enthusiasm as we would to a sales inquiry.

By always doing the right thing for our customers, we will ensure that they have a positive view of our company and brand, even when they have had a negative experience with our products. Through this, we can ensure that customers are confident about purchasing from our company and we can build our brand equity through both customer loyalty and consumer confidence.

#13. To Create Brand Value Through Innovative Marketing Practices

As a marketing team, it is our responsibility to find and create opportunities for financial growth for our company. To do this, we will embrace an open and judgment-free mindset where all views and opinions are welcome when assessing business challenges. By welcoming outside-the-box thinking and unconventional ideas, we will be able to approach challenges in unique and novel ways that give us an advantage over our competition. This will serve our sales team by providing them access to untapped markets and otherwise unidentified opportunities.

We will work with development teams to create new products to take advantage of areas of demand in similar and related industries. The help we can provide to these teams will provide significant financial benefits to the company as a whole and ensure our team’s long-term value to the business.

#14. To Grow Our Customer Base Through Marketing Communications

One of the most significant obstacles to success for many businesses is a failure in marketing communication. There are gaps in understanding customers’ needs, how to fulfill those needs, designing products that meet those needs, and communicating to customers how our products can help them. Our marketing team will make it our stated goal to overcome issues in communicating with customers through a unified effort to implement and exercise integrated marketing communications. This will allow our company to overcome communication shortfalls to better serve our customers, thereby growing our customer base.

#15. Fostering Brand Loyalty

It is the goal of our marketing team to benefit the company through increased brand loyalty. It is much cheaper to maintain an existing customer than to acquire a new customer. It is also easier to persuade an existing customer to make a purchase than to persuade a new customer to take a chance. We will actively work as a team to implement industry-leading practices in customer loyalty and retention programs to increase the frequency of repeat business and the average spend per customer.

#16. Creating a More Competitive Product

As a team, we will work to increase the value of our product offerings through all avenues available. Aside from product design and development, which can be expensive, our team will dedicate our efforts to exploring other augmented product possibilities. We will focus on improving the quality and thoughtfulness of our packaging and presentation, improving our pre and post-sales services, increasing customer support, and creating intangible value and experiences. This will give our company an increased value proposition that our competitors cannot match.

#17. To Improve Company Productivity Through Management Practices

As a management team, it is our responsibility to provide our staff with the best environment and support to deliver excellent work. To do this, we will adopt people-centric management practices. We will focus on the value of each of our employees as individuals, knowing that if they are healthy and happy as people, they will be effective and productive as employees. Through this practice, we will benefit all subordinate teams in the company and increase productivity for the business.

#18. Training the Next Generation

It is the goal of this management team to ensure the future sustainability and viability of this company. To do this, we must ensure there are effective succession plans in place and new professionals ready to take over in the future. We will take time to identify, mentor, and train upcoming leaders and managers, to help younger staff to hone their natural talents and develop important soft skills that will serve them and the company well in the future.

#19. Making a Change Through Positive Leadership

Our leadership team will take steps to make sure that our company has a positive impact on the lives of our employees. To do this, we will ensure that we do not focus solely on delivering profits to shareholders, but that in doing this, we are making a positive impact on the world. We will make sure that all staff feel connected to the company’s purpose and can be proud of the role they play in the company.

#20. Becoming Corporate Social Responsibility Leaders

It is the goal of our leadership team to deliver value to our shareholders and to the greater community, not just financially, but also socially and environmentally. To do this, we will adopt a triple-bottom-line approach to measuring success in this company. The triple bottom line has financial, social, and environmental objectives. This will ensure that the financial success of our company is socially and environmentally sustainable and contributes to a better future.

#21. Being Devoted to Delivering Value to Our Shareholders

In recognition of the purpose of a company being to deliver value to shareholders, it is the core mission of our leadership team to be guided in all decisions by this pursuit. Delivering value to shareholders should not focus only on short-term financial gains, but also on long-term economic growth and financial sustainability.

This means that we must value our people to attract and retain the best talent possible. We must also be mindful of our social and environmental impacts to ensure the environment remains hospitable to our business. Finally, we must deliver products that provide significant value to our customers to ensure the financial growth and profitability of the enterprise.


A great mission statement is a present tense declaration that provides a purpose and a clear and tangible goal that provides measurability and ensures the team moves together in the right direction.

A purposeful mission statement should attract new employees, aid in employee retention, fit the company spirit and provide at least one strategic goal to help people focus their hard work. This is equally true for individual teams as for whole companies. As shown in these team mission statement examples, there are different ways to write effective mission statements for your teams, and they all share common themes. Notably, they all contain a purpose statement for the team that is derived from the organization’s mission statement, and this statement gives the team direction that supports the company’s core values.

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