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25 Best Personal Vision Statement Examples

Having your own personal vision statement is a great way to make sure you are on the right path to accomplish your long-term goals. Having a clear personal vision gives you a sense of direction. It states your personal values and is a powerful tool for life decisions. This is not the same as a career vision statement. Though it may relate to your professional life, it should set out personal goals and personal values.

Below we have written 25 great personal vision statement examples to help you become your best self.

Example #1: Becoming Financially Successful

I take ownership of my career aspirations and desire for financial success. I will dedicate my professional career to maximizing how much money I can earn. To do this, I will invest in my education and lifelong learning. I recognize this will require hard work and dedication for my entire career path. I will do this because my set of core values requires that I contribute to help others and myself. To be in a position to make a difference in other people’s lives, I must first make a difference in my own.

Example #2: Giving Myself a Better Future

Every decision I make is an interaction with my future self. I must make decisions for the long term and not only to achieve short-term goals. To make sure that I am in a better place in the future, I must have a clear vision for my personal life and take steps to realize it. I will take time each day for personal development to improve my earning potential, and I commit to making decisions that support my life principles.

Example #3: Living My Best Life

Though I am a successful person and I have achieved many of my life goals, these accomplishments feel empty. I have not set goals that were true to myself. I have set goals based on what society expected. I will work to live a better everyday life from now on. To do this, I will evaluate my actions and decisions each day. I will ensure that I pursue what I truly desire and not what I feel others expect of me. I will work hard to ensure I am financially able to seek out adventure at home and abroad and take opportunities to have new experiences whenever possible.

Example #4: Developing Work-Life Balance

It is important to me to continue to perform well at work and accomplish my career goals. However, I recognize how much time I spend in pursuit of bigger bank accounts at the expense of personal relationships. The first thing I must do to correct this is to allocate some time each day to my family. I will also take at least one day each week away from work, dedicated solely to building genuine connections with the people that matter to me.

Example #5: Overcoming Introversion and Making Connections

I want to remain true to myself while experiencing all life has to offer. I am comfortable in my quietness and content being in my own company. Though I recognize my introversion is not a flaw to be changed, it does represent an interpersonal challenge. I will work on being more present and attentive when engaging with others. This will allow me to foster trust, connection, and intimacy which are essential for meaningful long-term relationships.

Example #6: Becoming a Good Communicator

I identify that my social and talkative nature is one of my greatest strengths, and my love for humor and comedy shows itself. However, I recognize that my comedic and talkative nature can present unprofessionally, and sometimes I talk over others. I want to be someone who is seen as reliable and supportive to friends, family, and colleagues. To do this, I will learn to listen more and talk less. I will practice active listening and work to become someone who connects with others, even when we don’t share the same opinions.

Example #7: Becoming a Positive Force

I have the power to choose how I see the world. I recognize that I view the world poorly, that I expect bad things to happen, and I doubt the motives of others, such as team members. This has led to me being passive and not pursuing self-improvement or professional growth. I want to be seen as a positive influence on those around me, someone who encourages others to become their best. I commit that I will look for the positive, and commit to viewing the world in a good way. I will look for the good in others and do all I can to increase the good in the world.

Example #8: Improving My Decision Making

Until now, I have been impulsive and made poor decisions without a clear idea of my path. I realize that improvement is a multi-step process, and I commit to long-term self-improvement. My next step is to learn patience, both with myself and others. I will take time to assess any new idea to ensure it is a good idea before acting. In doing this, I will become a grounded person who makes deliberate decisions and isn’t swayed by impulses. I will become someone others can rely on and trust, and this will serve me in professional advancement.

Example #9: Improving the World Through Business

I am a highly ambitious person, and I acknowledge that status is important to me. I will balance this by loving and accepting myself where I am at while continuing to pursue success. I identify that success to me means being the best I can be in anything I do. I will improve my professional skills and look for new opportunities constantly. Ideally, I will work to become a business executive, to be in a position where I can steer companies to be ethical and responsible in their treatment of employees and the environment.

Example #10: Looking After the Earth

I believe life should be about more than simply improving one’s own standing or accumulating wealth. It is our duty to others and the planet to leave the world better than we found it. I will pursue a career in technology to further this goal by engaging in a life-long commitment to support sustainable energy production. I will reduce my carbon footprint where possible through ethical life choices. I will practice and promote recycling and composting, choosing sustainable products, and sharing environmental awareness. Earth is my home planet, and it is my responsibility to take care of it.

Example #11: I Will Help Others

All people are unique and valuable. The structure of our world sometimes denies people opportunity or dignity because of circumstances. I will dedicate myself to improving my ability to help others through teaching and care. I will commit my time to volunteer for not-for-profit organizations and to encourage others to do the same. I will also strive to promote humanitarianism in all aspects of my life – from how I treat others to how I give back to the community.

Example #12: Expanding My Understanding of the World

I want to expand my experience of the world as much as possible, to meet new people and learn their customs and cultures. This can benefit my professional life by giving me more creativity and access to different ideas, and a better ability to work with others. I commit to work hard and find travel opportunities as often as possible to increase the number of people and cultures I encounter. Through diverse experience, I will maximize my professional and personal values and enrich my life.

Example #13: To Improve Opportunities for Others

I recognize that I have had a good life. I have had the opportunity to learn and develop valuable and unique skills and specialized knowledge. I want to share that knowledge with the less fortunate through volunteering for missions. In doing this, I can enrich my own experiences and expand my worldview. I can also give others knowledge they don’t have access to, and they can make positive changes in their communities, creating a positive ripple effect and leaving lasting change in the world.

Example #14: Becoming a More Confident and Effective Person

I will live a life of purpose and meaning, free from stress and anxiety. I am motivated to make positive changes in my life and to strive for excellence. I have missed out on too many opportunities because of self-doubt. I will overcome the anxiety that has defined me previously and become confident in all situations in life. I will develop my professional and personal skills and work to be a well-rounded and functional person.

Example #15: Not Being Define By the Past

I commit that I am not defined by my experiences, but by who I am in light of my experiences. I will work hard to overcome past challenges and experiences. I will seek opportunities for personal and professional development to help me become a valuable contributor at work and in society. I will be an example to others that you can always improve, no matter what challenges life has given you.

Example #16: I Will Not Be Defined by Others

I refuse to let the way others have treated me in the past be a part of my future. I will no longer be defined by past experiences and social situations. I recognize my value as a unique individual. My traits are not faults; they are my strengths. I will work to make being myself an example to the world and to inspire others to step out confidently and to express themselves.

Example #17: Empowering Myself and Others

I have a strong desire to help others and to be successful myself. The best way that I can help others is to become the best version of myself. For this reason, I commit to developing my financial knowledge and education so that I will be financially empowered to make a difference in others’ lives. I will welcome opportunities to help and support others and will always seek to teach them how to help themselves and their communities.

Example #18: Making Decisions That Benefit My Future

I want to make sure that my future self enjoys peace and stability to do anything that I desire. I want to be empowered to choose to live and work wherever it is that I desire, and to engage in activities that fulfill me personally. To do this, I will work hard and welcome all opportunities to learn and gain experience to make myself more valuable as a person, knowing that every decision I make now will have a direct effect on my quality of life in the future.

Example #19: Improving Others’ Health and Wellbeing

I want to leave a positive impact on the world, and I want my contribution to be valuable to others. I have a passion for helping others and have been blessed with opportunities that others do not have. I commit that I will put my efforts into developing my knowledge of health and wellbeing. I will seek out opportunities to share this knowledge and teach others, as well as to actively apply my knowledge to help others to live full and healthy lives.

Example #20: To Develop the Future Ethically and Responsibly

Technology is rapidly advancing, and automation threatens to replace people in many fields. I actively welcome the opportunity for technology to improve our lives, but I remain aware of the challenges. I will pursue a professional career in technology to ensure I am at the forefront of developments. I will do this so that I can ensure everyone benefits equally and is protected against abuse and misuse of advancements.

Example #21: Providing a Voice to Those Who Do Not Have One

I believe that even those who cannot afford professional representation deserve the same opportunity as others. For this reason, I will work to further my understanding and expertise in professional or legal areas. I will pursue a professional career that furthers my ability to provide representation to the less fortunate. In doing this, I can spread fairness and equity within my community.

Example #22: To Empower My Children to Be Great

I commit that I will do all that I can to give my children the best life possible. I will ensure they have access to healthy food and are empowered to understand good health and nutrition. I will provide a roof over their head and access to education, so that they will not need anything. I will not allow them to become selfish or complacent by being spoiled by excess. I will teach them to appreciate and use the stability and financial surplus I will provide them to improve their own lives and to bless others.

Example #23: Becoming Confident

It is easy to focus only on the bad in the world. Constant reporting of negative events makes the world seem hopeless. I commit to focusing on the positive and the good in the world and to growing the positivity and goodness in my life. I will focus on being confident in all that I do and inspire others to also be confident. In doing this, I can live a positive and fulfilled life, and I know that I can have a lasting impact on others.

Example #24: To Inspire Others to Achieve

We only work to achieve what we can imagine, and our imagination is shaped by experience. Some people are limited by their circumstances and imagine only small goals. I want to be the very best that I can be, to commit to lifelong learning and development. I want to be an inspiring example to others. Through my example, they will see that they can achieve the same. I want to develop skills that allow me to improve my community through both volunteering and my professional work.

Example #25: To Be a Positive Impact on the Next Generation

I seek to live a fulfilled life and bring value to the world through being a positive influence on children. I commit to being a positive role model for them, to instill in them important values and skills. I will teach them the value of critical thought and questioning the world. I will work hard to help them improve themselves so they can help to improve the lives of others. I will do all that I can so that they understand that all people are valuable and so that they treat everyone with dignity and respect.


One of the main differences between successful people like Oprah Winfrey, Amanda Steinberg, and Stephen Covey, and most ordinary people, is the use of personal growth tools like vision boards and good vision statements. The first step to improve any area of your life that you desire to change is to write your own statement. The ideal vision statement is a concise statement that makes your primary goals clear, be they economic opportunity, spiritual development, or whatever it is that you desire. Your personal vision statement should also clearly state why you desire each goal and how it will change your life.

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