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6 Best Visual Imagery Techniques in Social Media


Social Media Killed the Written Word

How are businesses engaging with people on social media? It isn’t through a brilliant piece of prose. Instead, it is through the power of a stunning visual graphic. Photographs on Facebook generate more than 50% more likes than any other type of post. Mobile users of Instagram outnumber mobile users of Twitter. The fourth largest driver of internet traffic is Pinterest. People are visually orientated and are more motivated by a powerful image than a few powerful words. That’s why social media has killed the written word… because a picture is worth 1,000 words.

It’s the 80/20 Rule All Over Again

On Pinterest, 80% of the pins that occur on a daily basis are actually repins of other content. This same rule tends to exist throughout the information on the internet – only 20% of people are actually creating fresh content on a daily basis that people are finding valuable. Would you rather be part of the 80% that is reposting the content of other people onto your social media platforms? Or would you rather be part of the 20% that is creating the fresh content? If you’re looking to grow your influence, chances are you’ll need to do a little bit of both to create a high level of perceived value.

Everything Today is About How Much Value You Bring

People won’t purchase something unless there is some level of value to it for them. It has to solve some sort of problem. The same is true with the information that is being shared on social media platforms. A beautiful piece of prose might be able to inspire a few people, but who wants to take the time to read 2,000 words of advice when you could get a complete summary of those words in one simple photograph with an inspiring saying? Social media killed the written word because it discovered that people find more value in images than in words. To maximize this value for yourself, you must follow this trend.

Emotion Equates To a Connection

People today are emotionally inspired by graphics in a much more profound way. Movies can inspire people to follow their dreams. Television shows can inspire people to be better people. Photographs and graphic images can inspire brand loyalty, repeat business, and interest in everything else you may have to offer the world at large. Most people only spend a few seconds at most on any post. Beautiful words might be able to effectively inspire, but chances are those words aren’t being read. Your images, however, are quite likely to be seen, liked, and even shared.

It’s Easy To Create Original Content

Whether you use a site like PicMonkey or you have the ability to create your own original designs, the time is now to begin transforming your content from the written word to the visual image. Once created, you can add in an effective call to action, an inspiring comment, or a nugget of information that people may need to know about you or your business. Join the revolution against the written word today so that you can see the maximum potential of what your content really has to offer!

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