41 Catchy Preschool Slogans

Preschool is said to be a smarter investment than placing your money in stocks. On average, the stock market only sees a return of 5.8% on average. However, the return for preschool spending is between 7-10%. The following collection of preschool slogans outlines the importance and benefits to an early education for your children.

A brighter future for all.
A foundation for the future.
A wonderful environment where children can learn and grow.
An inspired approach to education and life long learning.
Children blossoming in a nurturing environment.
Conversation, confidence, creativity, and community.
Dedicated to the growth of young children.
Dedicated to the individuality of children.
Develop and learn through fun and creativity.
Educating children.
Enhancing the development of the whole child.
Enriching the mind one child at a time.
Excellence in early childhood education.
For growing and learning.
Grow. Explore. Discover.
Growth through nurturing.
Guiding the young generation to success.
Hop to success.
Igniting a brighter future.
Imagine, create, participate.
It’s their future.
Learning fun for everyone.
Learning through play.
Learn to Play, Converse with Confidence
Nurturing for success.
One world, many stories.
Our passion. Their future.
Paradise for tots.
Planting seeds in the hearts and homes of preschoolers.
Play, learn, and grow together.
Rebuilding America, one child at a time.
Safety First – Fun Second
Strengthening children, families, and communities.
Together for excellence.
We put a little magic into all our kid’s lives.
We sing, and we work, and we play.
Where learning is fun.
Where well rounded starts with well educated.
Your neighborhood preschool.
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The following infographic outlines the statistics and benefits of enrolling children in preschool education. Statistics show that children who attend Pre-K are more likely to receive a higher education and less like to be unemployed or incarcerated. Less than half of the US kids attend preschool currently. For every dollar that is invested in preschool, taxpayers say $13 in future costs.

Benefits of Preschool