List of 49 Creative Preschool Names

Preschool is seen as an important first step in a child’s life to continuing education. Unfortunately over ten states do not even fund Preschool programs and among those that do, funding is decreased year after year. Only 28% of 4 years old’s are enrolled in a State Funded Preschool program. This is consistent with enrollment statistics from the year before, however funding dropped $500 million nationwide. As parents seek quality education for their children, private schools and their learning programs will become more prominent. The following list is of existing preschool’s from around the United States that hope to inspire your own creativity with branding your own name.

All About Kids
Baby Stars
Banner Preschool
Beehive Preschool
Boulder Journey School
Chalk Preschool
Children’s Den
Country Day School
Cradle to Crayons
Cream de la Creme
First Class Learning Center
First Steps Preschool
First Years Preschool
Great Escape Preschool
Harmony Preschool
Home Sweet Home Child Care & Preschool
Imagination Station
It’s Playtime
Just for Kids Preschool
Kaleidoscope Kids
Kiddie Klubhouse
Kids Castle Learning Center
Kids in Action
Kids r Kids
Kidzone Learning Center
Kompany Kids
Learning Tree
Little Green Tree House
Little Me Preschool
Little Scholars Academy
Little Tikes University
Met Early Head Start
Morning Star Preschool
Mountain Kids
Peter Pan Early Learning Center
Pumpkin Patch
Quality Kids Child Care & Preschool
School Readiness Center
Sunflower Preschool
The Childhood Center
The Growing Tree
The Learning Center Preschool
The Tiny Tim Center
The Toddler House
Thunderbird Preschool
Total Child Preschool & Childcard
Whee Preschool
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Only half of children 3-4 years old are enrolled in some form of early education or preschool program. Preschool is aimed at increasing a child’s social skills, cognitive creativity, and learning literacy. The infographic below outlines the many advantages of preschool for children.

Advantages of Preschool for Children