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List of 31 Catchy College Campaign Slogans

Statistics illustrate that 42% of college grads with debt live paycheck to paycheck. 85% of graduates are forced to move back home. Recent trends have showed community college enrollment rates increase as a result of rising tuition rates with public universities. The following list of college campaign slogans will help to foster growing environments among students and an ability to help one another. These slogans are from current Universities and previous campaigns.

A foundation for life.
Advancing Knowledge. Transforming Lives.
An education of mind and heart.
Be the change.
Citizen, not politician.
Connect life and learning.
Deep learning. Growing faith. Real life.
Education for service.
Forward. Thinking.
Grasp the forces driving the change.
I can do it, you can help.
I don’t just speak the change I make the change.
I win, you win.
Inspiring Innovation and Discovery.
Inspiring Minds.
Investing in Knowledge.
Knowledge to Go Places.
Minds in the making.
New leader. New vision. New direction.
Open Minds. Creating Futures.
Putting a plan in action to assure your satisfaction.
Reach within. Shape the future.
Secure your future.
The character of success.
Time for change.
Vote for tomorrow.
Where science is leading.
Wisdom. Applied.
Your College. Your Future.
Your Education, Your Life, Your School, Our Time Is Now.
Your revolution starts here.

Over half of parents are concerned with the debt and rising costs of college tuition students are forced to pay. The below infographic outlines interest stats and trends with higher education.
Effects of Rising College Tuition

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