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21 March of Dimes Team Names

The March of Dimes has established communities across the United States focused on supporting families and sharing practices in perinatal help to improve the outcome of childbirth. The March of Dimes was originally founded by the former American President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1938. Its purpose at the time was to combat polio and has evolved into promoting the general health of women and babies. A selection of March of Dimes team names are from pre-existing teams that have focused on the participation and awareness of healthy pregnancies and childbirth.

4 the Love of Babies
Baby Steps
Forever Fighters
Hands and Hearts
Hopeful Hearts
Little Fighters
Little Steps of Hope
March for Their Future
Marching to the Baby Beat
Mighty Marchers
Mini Miracles
Move Your Feet
Our Dreamy Preemie
Preemie Power
Small Feet, Big Imprint
Stepping Up for Babies
Team Tadpoles
Team Twenty Toes
Teamie Preemie
Tiny N Tuff
Walk the Walk

The below infographic outlines the statistics and challenges faces with giving birth to a child prematurely. Complications related to the birth of premature babies are the primary cause of their death. Few doctors are able to resuscitate a child born at less than 22 weeks of age. The top causes of early labor are previous premature birth, carrying multiple children, and getting pregnancy in less than six months between pregnancies.

Preemies Facts and Statistics

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