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Top 8 Twitter Tips for Small Businesses

Top 8 Twitter Tips for Small Businesses

8 Best Practices for Business Twitter Accounts

Twitter is a great method of connecting businesses to their clients in real-time. Information and updates can be quickly shared with people interested in your products or services. Another benefit of Twitter is the ability to gather real-time market data and feedback to assist in decision making. As a business cements its position in Twitter it will be able to build relationships with customers and clients and connect to influential people within the market.

Build up your twitter following, improve your reputation and increase customer trust with these easy to follow best practices.

1. Share

Share some behind the scenes information and photos about your business. Take it a step further and give your followers a glimpse of how projects develop. Users check their twitter feed to get the latest news and some insight into those who they follow, so give them the inside scoop.

2. Listen

Get into the habit of regularly monitoring any comments and messages posted about your company, brand or products. You can learn a lot about how customers and the public in general view your business by using Twitter as a research tool.

3. Ask

Ask your followers questions to gain valuable knowledge about what they are really interested in, and to show them you are listening to their feedback.

4. Respond

Whenever someone compliments your products or services, be sure to respond to the feedback in real time. Your customers will appreciate it and become more likely to recommend you to others.

5. Reward

Send out tweets with special offers, coupons or discounts to reward the people who are following you. This can act as a great incentive to encourage even more people to become a follower and look forward to your tweets.

6. Show Leadership

Show everyone you are a leader in your field. Demonstrate this by referencing links and articles that show the bigger picture about your business area. People will look to you as an expert within your niche and trust in your business.

7. Champion Stakeholders

Promote the best tweets from your followers and customers by retweeting and replying to them publicly. Your customers can greatly influence other people’s opinion about your company, so it is important to acknowledge your biggest supporters.

8. Establish the Right Voice

When tweeting take into consideration your voice and style of communication. This will play a major role in how the Twitter community perceives your business. You want send the right kind of message both in your content and tone of tweets. Most Twitter users prefer a more genuine, direct and likable tone from a business.

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