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Average Customer Service Response Time by Companies on Twitter

Average Customer Service Response Time by Companies on Twitter

Expand Your Customer Service to Twitter

Twitter has well over 500 million users at this time. This means about 1 out of every 14 people in the world has a Twitter account. These days Twitter has grown to become an important customer service channel for all types of companies. If your business is not part of Twitter, then you could be losing customers and damaging your reputation. Customers increasingly want faster responses to their questions and problems. Social networks have provided a quick and easy way of seeking resolutions to customer issues. Read on to learn why your company should put Twitter support at the forefront of its customer service plans.

How Are Companies Doing On Twitter?

A survey conducted by Conversocial studied the top 100 retail brands in the U.S. to find out how quick their response time was to customer service issues mentioned by their Twitter followers.

Half of the top 10 clothing retailers didn’t even manage to get a response to acknowledge the complaints on Twitter. Overall only a small minority of just 13 % of complaints ever got a response.

From those who did respond to customer issues, 37 % of the replies where sent more than 10 hours after the original complaint was posted. On Twitter, faster response times are much more appreciated, and more likely to satisfy an unhappy customer.

How Do Customers Communicate with Brands on Twitter

Some customers use Twitter to simply leave general negative comments about a brand, other post some feedback and others have a specific problem or issue with a company.
However, the biggest types of customer communication are queries. Around half the tweets sent to companies or brands involve a question that the customer expects a direct answer to.

Since customers are reaching out and looking to do business with you, the last thing you want is to leave them hanging. It is very clear that customers like to communicate directly with brands through social networks like Twitter. Taking too long to respond or failing to reply altogether, will result in a decrease in overall customer satisfaction.

3 Steps to Twitter Customer Service Success

Keeping up to date with Twitter customer support, doesn’t have to be difficult. It just requires a well laid out plan. These 3 simple steps will put you on the right track.

1. Monitor the Twitter feed every day. Literally every minute counts, so try to respond to queries as quickly as possible.

2. Provide meaningful and genuine help. By fully addressing an issue, customers will be so impressed they will tweet their positive experience for everyone else to see. This will create a good social image for your company.

3. Stay consistent. Always keep the dialog open so that customers will trust your brand and become loyal.

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