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37 Best Twitter Tools and Apps for Businesses

37 Best Twitter Tools and Apps for Businesses

Twitter Tips and Tools for Entrepreneurs

Twitter can be a great tool in your marketing efforts. But this is only the case if you use it effectively. You need to understand the best way to make a good impression and rapidly increase your followers.

Improve Your Profile

The first thing you should do when starting out on Twitter is to upload your photo and use your real name so people know who you are. Don’t forget to fill in your bio and add a URL to your site. You also need a cool background to finish off your profile page. Now you can get busy tweeting, since the most important part of your profile will be all your great tweets.

Extra Tip: use backup tools such as TweetBackup, Backupify or BackupMy Tweets.

Connect With Your Tribe

You can’t just wait for people to find you on Twitter, you need to get out there and find them yourself. Start off by inviting your existing contacts and connections to join you on Twitter. These could be prospects or customers from your website, blog, mailing list, Facebook or other social networks. Here are the top ways of connecting with your tribe:

• Make use of Twitter’s “Who to Follow”
• Checkout TwitSeeker.com
• Connect to local followers at LocalTweeps.com
• Join in a Hash tag Party
• Follow people within your niche

Share Lots of Cool Stuff

A good rule to follow is to not just tweet your sales pitch. This will only put off your followers and lead to people getting bored, annoyed and simply un-following. You need to share lots of different cool and interesting things. Share tips. Links, videos, photos, audio, resources, recommendations and re-tweets.

Manage Your Tweets

Manage your Twitter account by learning how to automate and schedule your tweets. You can save yourself a lot of time by using Twitter tools like:

• TweetDeck
• HootSuite
• SocialOomph
• MarketMeSuite

Get Connected

Connecting your website to Twitter is really simple. Add a Twitter follow icon or link on your site to make it easy for people to join you on Twitter. Using tools like NetworkedBlogs or TwitterTools to automatically share new content on your site. Linking your Facebook fan page to your Twitter profile is always a good idea.

Always Remember Your Goals

Keep the reason you are on Twitter and your ultimate goal in mind. Is it to build up your list or credibility? Do you want to increase your site traffic? Or connect to people within your niche? Focus your efforts on Twitter to help achieve your aims.

You may need to adjust your plans every now and again. Using tracking tools is the best way of knowing which part of your plan needs improving. Some of the most popular tools include:

• Your own website statistics
• TweetStats.com
• Twitter.Grader.com
• Klout.com
• TwitterCounter.com

By following the above tips you can rock it on Twitter, and improve your marketing campaigns.

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