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Examples of Bad Tweets by Companies and Celebrities

Examples of Bad Tweets by Companies and Celebrities

A Marketer’s Guide on How to Suck at Twitter

It seems there are thousands of guides out there on what Twitter is, why you should use it and how it should be used. However, there isn’t as much about the things you should not be doing. Every day many people either embarrass themselves, miss an opportunity or even manage to get fired by not thinking about how they are using social media.

Read on to learn about the big blunders that some Twitter users are guilty of.
• Tweeting insensitive things about a family death. Even worse, accidentally using a company account to send the Tweet,
• Never engaging with followers.
• Accidentally tweeting from a company account about getting “slizzered”, instead of a personal account.
• Never share interesting content, like cool pictures, video and articles.
• Tweet from a company account and drop a few F bombs.
• Spam people’s inboxes without any information about the company.
• Taking advantage of sad events to make money.
• Yell at people for worrying about life-threatening natural disasters.
• Tweet at 4 am when no one is awake to respond.
• Post insensitive tweets just for the same of self-promotion.
• Posting passive-aggressive tweets about people.
• Letting an unhappy intern to handle the official account, who then bashes the CEO.
• Aggressive posts about politics and making people feel uncomfortable

How to NOT Suck at Twitter

Social media networks like Twitter are very much a public site, and once you send out a badly thought out Tweet, people can and will save it. The key is to give the right impression so that people perceive your name and brand in the way you want. There are lots of Twitter training resources out there that cover everything from the basic rules, best practices and etiquette, to more advanced Twitter topics.

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