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List of the Most Followed NBA Teams

List of the Most Followed NBA Teams

A special thanks to Cisco Athletic for creating this infographic.

Top Followed NBA Teams on Twitter

The total NBA team is followed by over 11 million people with almost 500,000 tweets made. 26% of all people who follow NBA teams follow the Los Angeles Lakers. 1% of all NBA team followers are the Charlotte Bobcats.

Top 5 NBA Teams

1. Los Angeles Lakers: @Lakers
Followers: 2.96Mil+
Has more followers than the 20 teams followers combined.

2. Orlando Magic: @Orlando_Magic
Followers: 1Mil+
Over 91 times as many followers as tweets provided only a cent followers.

3. Miami Heat: @MiamihHeat
Followers: 1Mil+
Website not linked on their profile.

4. Boston Celtics: @Celtics
Followers: 964K+
Has the least amount of tweets of the top five followed teams and is the third lowest tweet rate in the NBA.

5. Chicago Bulls: @ChicagoBulls
Followers: 668K+
Has the most tweets out of the top five followed teams.

Most Tweet NBA Teams

1. Brooklyn Nets: @BrooklynNets
Tweets: 41.4K+
Most tweets in the NBA and more than the lowest 5 tweeters combined.

2. Bucks: @Bucks
Tweets: 30K+
The second most tweets but the second least followed team on Twitter.

3. PDX Trailer Blazers: @PDXTrailerBlazers
Tweets: 23.9K+
Third most tweets one of the lowest followed teams on Twitter. Tied with the Kings for the longest twitter handle in the NBA.

4. Sacramento Kings: @SacramentoKings
Tweets: 22.2K
Despite their tweet efforts, they are the third lowest team followed in the NBA.

5. Phoenix Suns: @Suns
Tweets: 21.5K+
Tied with the Cavaliers for the shortest Twitter handle in the NBA.

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