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Review of the Lollicup Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

One of the unique aspects of the snacking and beverage industry is that a great, unusual product can take you a long way toward profitability in a short amount of time. That’s one of the reasons why people tend to look at the Lollicup brand when they want to serve coffee and tea to their local community. This brand does a wonderful job of being able to add in a little bit of fun to the experience, mixed in with a little bit of flavor, so that an engaging experience is had every time.

Does that sound great to you? Would you like to see if a Lollicup franchise is the right investment opportunity to make right now?

What Does It Take To Become a Lollicup Franchisee?

At the moment, Lollicup isn’t offering any specific franchising opportunities. Instead of promoting their own brand of coffee and tea beverages, what they will do instead is offer to work with you in order to work on creating your own brand of products to serve locally. This is where the greatest potential for profits happens to be when looking at the long-term process, so it’s not a bad idea to consider if you have a passion for unique drinks like bubble tea.

What is bubble tea? It’s a flavorful beverage that originated in Thailand around 1980. It infuses tapioca pearls into the drink that absorb the tea’s flavor. That means if you use a chai tea, for example, the tapioca will provide the beverage with small bursts of chai flavor that are a little chewy as the beverage is consumed.

If you’re looking to franchise a beverage company and want to focus on coffee and tea, however, there are a few options to consider if you’re looking for a good investment opportunity and don’t want to work on establishing your own brand.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: With over 50 years of experience in the beverage industry, this franchise opportunity is the oldest and largest privately held coffee and tea retailer that focuses on specialty products. Their mission is to help customers “find their flavor” and they do this by providing beverages that are handcrafted to each customer order. With nearly 1,000 total locations already in operation, you’ll have a massive amount of brand awareness at your disposal by taking advantage of this opportunity. This is the perfect opportunity for investors who are looking to establish a non-traditional location within their community.

The Tea Lounge: If you’re looking for a fairly affordable franchise opportunity, the Tea Lounge can give you an established name for a fair investment. The initial franchise fee is $25,000 and you’ll receive an exclusive territory for the price, as well as full access to the operating systems and ongoing support that this franchise offers. Financing is available through third-party vendors and total royalties are kept below 7%. The royalty system is as follows:

• A 5% overall franchise royalty.
• A 1 % brand development fee.
• The first 4 months of sales has a discounted royalty to 2.5% to help establish the business.

With 10 days of training in Brooklyn, NY to cover the policies, processes, and procedures of this organization, you’ll need a minimum net worth of $400k to be able to begin the application process for this franchise opportunity.

Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea: Part of the enjoyment that comes with a warm cup of coffee or tea is that the environment of the shop is as warm and inviting as the beverage. That’s what Lisa and Wei Bee worked very hard to create with this beverage franchise opportunity and you’ll enjoy the fruits of their labor if you choose to make this investment. They require owner-operators as franchisees, so there’s no absentee ownership, but you’ll get a solid training program in this field if you’re approved as a franchisee. Applications are evaluated individually, so if your credit and financial history is solid and you’ve got experience within the industry, this could be a wise investment to make.

Barnie’s Kitchen: If you’re looking for a unique combination of goods to offer customers in your community, then Barnie’s Kitchen, which is also known as Barnie’s Coffee & Tea, might be an option for you as well. There’s an initial $20,000 franchise fee and the typical investment requires $250k in capital, but you’ll be offering coffee, tea, food, and even handcrafted jewelry to your community. For an extra $5k you can receive territorial exclusivity that is potentially refundable depending on the success of your location. Normally you’ll find a Barnie’s in a mall or other large conglomeration of businesses that generate a lot of foot traffic, but stand-alone locations are considered as well. As an added benefit, you’ll be providing fair trade items, which helps people earn a fair, livable wage in less developed regions of the world.

Lasaters: How about a franchise opportunity that doesn’t demand royalties from your net sales? With just a $25,000 franchise fee, that’s what you’ll get with this investment opportunity. Veterans receive a 20% discount on the opportunity as well and in return you’re agreeing to market their specific food products as a franchisee. This includes espresso, grilled wraps and sandwiches, breakfast food items, and even bagels. Even the liquidity required to begin this business is lower, at just $60k minimum, so there is less risk involved. The only potential negative is that you may be required to sign a 3 year lease on the equipment, fixtures, and furniture for your business, but it becomes your own set of assets after this 36 month initial period.

You might not be able to get a Lollicup franchise opp right now, but if you’re willing to start your own brand or look at some other investment opportunities; you can definitely find the right business to make an immediate impact in your community. Find the right opportunity and begin your new journey toward profitability through a product you have a passion for today!

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