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Best Breast Cancer Fundraiser Ideas

Did you know that about one in eight women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime? Until a cure is found, money needs to be raised to fund research and spread awareness of the disease. You can get involved and help the cause by helping raise money. Listed below are some breast cancer fundraiser ideas.

Bowling Tournament

Bowling tournaments are a fun way to raise money for breast cancer. A similar event, “Bowling for Boobies,” earns thousands of dollars each year for breast cancer research and awareness. Get in touch with a local bowling alley to arrange the event. They may be willing to donate their lanes, or they may be willing to give you a discounted rate. Advertise the event throughout the community.

Charge a fee for entering the tournament. Participants will have to rent shoes at the alley as well. Have food ready for purchase and set up a donation box. Towards the end of the event, thank everyone for participating and encourage them to donate to the cause. Whichever team wins the tournament will receive a trophy or a prize.

Silent Auction

Silent auctions are a classic fundraising choice, and they tend to be highly successful. The key is to get great donations from members of the community. The more attractive the auction items are, the higher the bids will be. Silent auctions can be held on their own, or they can be paired with other events. Advertise the event in the community or local school.

Talent Show

Talent shows are another great way to raise money. For this idea, you will need a venue. Schools are a great choice, but you may be able to set up the talent show in a local park if the weather permits. Members of the community or faculty members can volunteer as judges, or you can simply use the audience’s applause as judgment. Pair the show with a silent auction and a bake sale to raise even more money.

Pet Races

Did you know that more than 78 million Americans own dogs? With numbers that high, it’s a safe bet that a pet race will attract quite a crowd. The idea is incredibly simple and so much fun. Have pet owners pay an entry fee to have their pet race against a similar animal. This gives pet owners a chance to show off their furry friend while helping raise money for a good cause. Sell concessions during the event or a host a bake sale to raise more money.

Grab Bag

Everyone loves prizes. Set up a grab bag in your office or school with fun little prizes inside. Each person that donates $2 can reach inside the bag and pull out a prize. Solicit local businesses for donations for your grab bag, or purchase small prizes from the local dollar store. This is the perfect fundraiser to hold during the holidays when everyone is in the giving spirit.

Restaurant Benefit

Get in touch with local restaurants to see if any have fundraising programs in place. In most cases, the restaurant will donate a portion of their profits to your cause. As a result, they get more customers because you are advertising the event. Try to choose a popular restaurant that receives quite a bit of foot traffic.

Wine-Tasting Party

This fundraising idea is for adults only. Host a wine and cheese tasting party in your home. If you know someone who owns, works at, or manages a winery, they may be willing to host the party there instead. You have two options with this one. You can choose to ask for donations at the door, or you can charge an entrance fee.

Game Day for Kids

Host a Game Day for kids in a local park or a donated indoor venue (such as an arcade). Invite the neighborhood kids, family, local sports teams and your kids’ friends. This is similar to a drop-off party where parents leave their kids with you and your volunteers for a few hours in exchange for a donation. Coordinate fun activities for the kids, like sack races, yo-yo contests, jump rope and more. Ask parents to donate snacks and drinks. This is a great event to host during the summer when parents are looking for ways to keep their kids occupied.

Dog Walking

Offer to walk your neighbors’ dogs in exchange for a donation to your cause. Send out flyers in your neighborhood, or place an ad in the local newspaper. The offer should be valid for at least a month. If you live in a large neighborhood, this is a quick and easy way to raise money for breast cancer.

Sell Concessions

Selling concessions during your event is one of the best ways to raise money. In fact, many groups have been able to raise thousands of dollars just by selling concessions alone. Any time you host a benefit, raffle, silent auction or any other type of event, always sell food and drink to raise more money.

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