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Review of the Fuddruckers Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

When the first Fuddruckers was opened over three decades ago, there was one simple goal in mind with this new restaurant: to create the world’s best burger. The organization is still obsessed with this goal and their mission is to constantly provide the best burgers in the world to their customers. With the best brand awareness for a burger chain of its size, your passion to provide the world’s best burgers to your community could become the foundation of your success as a Fuddruckers franchisee!

Better beef, a unique atmosphere, and better buns make for a better burger. You’ll grill it, your customers will top it, and you’ll provide an atmosphere with so much flair that your customers might just have a craving to go home and watch an old kung-fu movie once they’ve filled up on your awesome food!

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Fuddruckers Franchise?

The initial franchise fee to begin a Fuddruckers is $35,000. This franchise fee is charged per unit, but you’ve got a lot of options for your location. Fuddruckers allows for free standing locations, end caps, and even non-traditional venues as long as they meet certain traffic and exposure goals. You’ll need to make a minimum capital investment of $400,000 for your new franchise, but in return you’ll get an opportunity to be a part of one of the best burger experiences available today.

You’re literally building a better burger world! Anyone can say what they want and pretend that it’s true, but the facts and awards back up the claims that Fuddruckers makes about their burgers. This franchise is named as the best burger in too many communities across the United States to list, the franchise is a Top 200 investment, and R&I Magazine named the Fuddrucker’s burger the better burger for 2010.

You’re also going to have royalties that will need to be paid, but they are some of the most competitive royalties in the restaurant business today. You’ll have a general 5% royalty on your gross sales per unit, and then just a 0.25% marketing fee per unit to pay. This is nearly 50% lower than similar franchises and about 33% lower than the industry standards! That’s why there are currently over 180 system wide units for this organization and why it is such an exciting investment opportunity!

What Kind of Support Is Available?

Once you officially become a franchisee of Fuddruckers, you’ll get extensive site design support that will help you create the environment that has made this restaurant famous. You’ll gain access to direct sources for contractors and equipment with the purchasing leverage that this organization can offer and get general support throughout the entire establishment and creation process of your new location.

As your physical location is being shored up, you and your operations staff will receive specialized training that will lead to the success of your program. You’re required to send a least three managers through the Fuddruckers training program and once completed, you’ll also receive training and support to get your restaurant open for the first time.

Training also includes a comprehensive overview of the operation systems manuals that Fuddruckers provides each franchisee. This covers recipes, food handling requirements, preparation and portioning policies, and how to provide world-class service in the fun environment. After you’ve completed the training, you’ll still have access to an online portal that can help you continually develop your staff so that your success can always be maximized.

The Support Doesn’t Just Stop At Training!

What makes Fuddruckers such a fun experience is that it is big and bold in each neighborhood. It starts with the menus and the signage that will attract people to your new franchise. You’ll receive support with your signage and menus, which features hamburgers in the popular sizes up to 2/3 pound that causes people to continuously return for great food here.

You’ll also provide people with sides to help personalize their burger, including guacamole, mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon, and of course cheese. You’ll have access to collateral and print production, receive local store marketing materials, and receiving extensive product promotions to drive higher levels of traffic. There’s also a national guest loyalty program that can help to further drive sales and return visits.

As part of the best practices that Fuddruckers will review with you, there will also be recommendations about products and purchasing that needs to be completed for inventory. You’ll also receive suggested pricing guidelines and there will be several in-store visits that will help to maintain brand consistency and help you improve your operations It’s the communication that happens between you and the corporate support center that sets this franchise opportunity apart from all the others.

Fuddruckers wants you to succeed as much as you want success! The real question to ask is this: what kind of success is it that you really want?

Is Fuddruckers the Right Investment Opportunity For You?

With an emphasis on strategic growth planning and innovative marketing, you won’t have to spend a lot in order to make a lot with this franchise opportunity. It’s a bold statement to say that Fuddruckers offers customers the “World’s Greatest Burger,” but it’s a claim that can be backed up with every burger served. Smart operational practices are combined with a variety of products including chicken, fresh salads, and even steak sandwiches to reach out to a diverse customer base.

If you have the money to make the initial capital investment, then a Fuddruckers could be the right investment to make! Everyone can make a burger taste good, but not everyone can serve up a Fuddruckers burger with flair, style, and awesome flavors! The experiences a customer receives at your franchise could make them a life-long customer! If you’re ready to get started looking at this opportunity with more depth, then apply online to begin the process to see if this is a good investment to make!

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