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Top 4 Softball Fundraising Ideas

Softball teams will need to hold fundraisers to raise money for team events. While some teams have no issues with raising money in bigger cities, other teams struggle to raise enough money to stay operational. Thankfully, there are a slew of softball fundraising ideas that will allow anyone to be able to raise money for their team.


When two rival teams need to raise money, it is often best to put aside the rivalry and play together. This will be a fundraiser wherein all proceeds are split evenly. The way that a play-a-thon works is as follows:

• Every member of each team will go up to bat. This is done regardless of how many outs have occurred in an inning. The goal is to allow every player a chance at bat so that the most money can be raised.
• Once all players have had a chance at bat, it is time to switch sides and allow the opposing team to go at bat. This will occur until all innings are played and the winner is crowned.

A play-a-thon can only hold so many attendees. The idea is to have every attendee pledge to make a donation based on the team’s performances. For instance,

• An attendee may choose to pay 10 cents for each hit that occurred.
• An attendee may choose to also pay for each out, each strike or each run.

By allowing the attendee to choose how they would like to pledge, this will become an event where everyone is truly engaged. A play-a-thon is one of the most fun ways to begin raising money and it can be done at all times of the season.

There is also the option of having a play-a-thon three times over the year to crown the ultimate winner. Making this a yearly event will be the best option and provide the utmost in donations with repeat attendees and minimal advertising needed.

Baking with a Twist

A bake sale is a great idea for every team. While there is often minimal profits made, this is still a very effective way to raise money quickly. If a team member or their parent’s like to bake, the event can be a huge success. However, bake sales typically do not cater to consumers in the best way possible.

From a marketing standpoint, many consumers may be on a diet or simply not like brownies or apple pie. This would leave the team with no money made from an attendee as they simply walk by your table. Instead, cater to these attendees by offering gift options.

Alongside a plate of brownies can be a gift-wrapped option that can be purchased. This bag may include a few pieces of apple pie and a half dozen brownies. By having the item already gift-wrapped, consumers will often purchase these items even when they do not intend to eat them themselves. This is a great gift to give a loved one or family member and converts a lost sale into one that purchased far more than what they would have if a gift option was not offered.

Plant Sales

Unless a team member or local greenery allows you to have a major discount on buying plants, it can be hard to start a full-fledged plant sale. There is one great idea that can be used instead and that is the actual sale of seeds.

During the spring, parents are always looking for ways to enhance their gardens or simply do something fun with their children. Growing plants and flowers is a great way for teams to fundraise and is rather cheap as well.

Combine certain seed packages together and sell them at a bundled price. This will allow you to bring in more sales and really help buyers get started on this year’s garden.

Can and Bottle Collection

Many softball fundraising ideas do not help the community, but can and bottle collection will. This is an event wherein a team must work together to get the job done. During the warmer months and especially near holidays, a team can make an easy $1,000 or more by simply collecting bottles and cans.

The idea is to go to parks and beaches first to collect these items. This is a great way to clean up the local community. Afterwards, an adult should accompany team members as they go to each neighborhood knocking on doors to collect bottles and cans.

After a major holiday is always the best bet for a can and bottle collection, but other times of the year will suffice as well.

Once all of the cans and bottles have been collected, they can be turned in at recycling centers or salvage yards where they will pay based on the weight of the items collected. This means collecting should be an all weekend affair with every member doing their utmost to collect items.

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