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7 Different Online Shopping Habits of Men and Women


The source of the this infographic is AutoWeb.

How do men and women compare and contrast in terms of online shopping? Some of the answers are likely to surprise you.

Women vs. Men: Online Shopping

The online shopping habits of men and women reveal fascinating statistics. When you break down the concept into more specific stats, a number of things are revealed:

1. 68% of men have shopped online in the past 30 days. However, women top this specific area with 72%.

2. Making purchases based on information/ads included with emails sent to consumers is still a viable means of a retailer reaching consumers. In this area, 14% of women purchased something after getting an email. By comparison, the percentage for men is eight.

3. Most of us are familiar with the concept of men being prone to channel-surfing more often than women. This thought can be applied to online shopping. 33% of men make a purchase after browsing without a specific destination. 26% of women do this. Men come out ahead in terms of completing a purchase and leaving a review. Women tend to search more frequently for a brand over a specific product.

4. Men are also more likely to purchase expensive items (1000-2500 dollars for a purchase) than women (100-500 dollars for a purchase). As you might have guessed, women are more likely to search for deals and bargains more than men are. Women also use coupons more frequently.

5. Many of us have turned to online shopping as a way to lift our spirits. However, women (63.9%) are far more likely to do this than men (39.8%). Overall, 66.6% of both men and women prefer to do their recreational shopping online.

6. Amazon.com and eBay are each fairly split in terms of popularity between men and women (women have a decent edge over men on eBay). With Etsy, it’s a different story. Far more women use Etsy for online shopping than men do.

7. Men buy computers more often online than women, but women buy books online more often than men. When it comes to music, it is split down the middle.

8. Men buy travel-related services more frequently than women.

9. This may surprise you, but women have actually surpassed men in the purchases of electronics.

10. Everyone is buying apps these days, but women are paying for and installing more of them than men.

11. When it comes to social media, women are far more likely to share purchases with friends and followers.

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