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John Maxwell’s 15 Laws of Personal Growth

Growth is the polar opposite of change. No matter what you do, you can be certain that the only constant thing is change. Everything changes, right from time to people, joy to sorrow and failure to success. Growth is not certain. If there is something that you can be certain of is that growth is never constant. You would either keep growing or not grow at all. You may actually head for negative growth if you do not make an attempt or any effort to stay where you are. The bottom line is that growth is not a given, it is not a constant and it doesn’t come to you or to anyone. Growth has to be attained. It has to be worked hard for and must be accomplished.

The below infographic outlines the trends and statistics of men and women and how they determine the primary areas of their personal growth.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

John C Maxwell doesn’t require much introduction, especially among those who are aspiring to become team leaders, business managers and entrepreneurs. A bestselling author and a reputed speaker and expert on leadership, John C Maxwell has quite a few mantras which can be regarded as the ingredients you need in your recipe for success. For growth is success and success growth, both go hand in hand and one cannot exist without the other.

Types of Personal Growth

There are many types of growth. You grow as a person when you develop new skills, learn new things and explore new horizons. You grow as a professional when you scale new heights in your profession or business. You also grow when your company grows and succeeds in accomplishing its objectives. You also grow when you contribute to larger causes which can be anything from doing something for your immediate community and society to mentoring an aspirant so she or he could reach their potential.

Growth is all about trying to look for new avenues so you can explore unchartered terrains and continue to accomplish more and in the process become a better person, professional and more successful from in all aspects of life.

The 15 Laws of Growth by John C Maxwell shed light on several aspects of growth, how growth happens and why along with technical ways to analyze your present, past and your future. If you are planning to ensure that your present is well sorted and that your future is rewarding in every way possible then you must endorse as many laws of John C Maxwell as you can and adhere to them.

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