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18 Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary Invitation Examples

The 50th wedding anniversary is also called the golden anniversary. The traditional gift for this celebration is gold. Many people will renew their marriage vows when it comes to celebrating this special day and you can even request a greeting from the Whitehouse. Suggested gifts for couples who made it this far are dinner at a special restaurant, a trip, sports event, or sentimental options such as a family quilt. A selection of fiftieth wedding invitation wording ideas to use when planning a party are outlined below to hep encourage the right words for you to use.

50 years ago, [names] walked down the aisle and lived happily ever after.

50 years have come and gone. Through the fair and stormy weather, we feel it’s time to celebrate because we’re still together. So with great joy, we anticipate that you will keep this dinner date.

A terrific party is planned to celebrate the day they said, “I Do,” but please don’t tell the couple, they don’t have a clue.

After 50 years, they’re looking fine. Let’s all celebrate and dine with good friends and of course wine.

An evening of romance to celebrate a 50th Wedding Anniversary in honor of [names].

Dear family and friends, we hope you will find a way to share in the joy of [names]. Their marriage has, with age improved like fine wine. After 50 years, it’s time to celebrate.

Help us toast to love, life, and friendship. Please join us as we celebrate 50 years of marriage for [names].

It’s [name] 50th and come rain, sleet or snow, we’re going to throw them a party… but shhh, they don’t know!

Join us as we toast [names] when they celebrate their 50th Anniversary.

Marriage is like a garden, With love and tender attention. It will flourish with abundant beauty to celebrate our 50th year of marriage and the love that has continued to blossom.

Please join us for a surprise celebration honoring a golden anniversary.

Share the love that continues to bloom, the ageless love of the bride and groom.

The honor of your presence is requested as we, [names] celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary and renew our vows on [date] and [time].

The wine is poured and the table is set for an anniversary party you’ll never forget. [names] will celebrate 50 years of marriage and you’re invited to the most Gala evening in town.

They’ve walked hand in hand, down the path of life for 50 years as husband and wife.

Two lives entwined for fifty years, And love’s sweet joys are won. Close kin and friends we hold most dear, To hearts that beat as one. In honor of their 50th anniversary [names].

You are invited to a surprise anniversary party honoring [name] 50th year of wedded bliss.

You’re invited to a once in a lifetime event [names] are having their 50th Wedding Anniversary yet they are still as vibrant as ever.

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