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11 Dramatic Health Club Industry Statistics

The health club industry might be centered in the United States, but it has a global presence that cannot be denied. Health clubs provide a variety of person-centered services that allow participating members to workout, relax, or pursue a specific activity that they enjoy.

Health Club Facts and Statistics

51,3 million people belonged to a health club at the beginning of 2013 in the United States alone.

Health clubs can be a commercial entity where you’ll typically see a focus on fitness. There are also private entities that provide a more personalized service within this industry as well. In either instance, the typical health club will offer specific membership features that make joining up attractive. Commercial memberships within this industry make up 54% of the total consumer rolls in the United States.

Three Essential Facts About the Health Club Industry

1. Total revenues in this industry surpassed $75 billion in the last year alone.
2. Over 131 million people worldwide are a member of a health club in some way.
3. There are 153,000 health clubs worldwide, with over 30,000 of them located in the United States.

Takeaway: How busy is your local health club if you live in the US? According to these statistics, the United States is responsible for more than 33% of total health club memberships, but only has about 20% of the total facilities worldwide supporting this membership. This indicates that there may be more room for growth in the US for future health clubs to begin, based on the overall success seen by the industry in a worldwide perspective.

Additional Statistics About the Health Club Industry

1. Industry revenues within the United States totaled over $20 billion in the last year.
2. 20% of Americans above the age of 6 are a member of a health club.
3. The industry has seen a 5% increase in patronage from people who are not members of a specific club in the last 5 years.
4. 19% of people stay with their health club because it gives them personal access to fitness professionals.
5. The most popular activity at a health club is a group exercise activity.
6. More than 60% of Americans participated in exercise activity sports in the last year, a trend seen worldwide as well.
7. Fitness classes are a Top 10 aspirational activity for health club members aged over 25.
8. Germany has over 7,000 health clubs, the highest amount in Europe. More than 7 million people, however, are members of health clubs in Spain, which is also the highest level in Europe.

Takeaway: In many ways, a health club is simply another social networking activity for people. It is a chance to workout together, have a good time, and engage in a favorite sport. There are relaxation facilities on most sites as well, meaning after a hard workout a sauna can be enjoyed or even a massage on some premises. This provides members with a sense of well-being, the chance to be healthy on a consistent basis, and that is why health clubs are so attractive to people around the world today.

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