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How Birth Order Impacts Personality


The theory that the order in which you fall amongst your siblings has effects on your personality has long been in development. In this article, see what modern research has found into this old adage. In a day and age where the average family in the US gives birth to around 1.28 children per annum, it may just be helpful to know, especially if you want your children to avoid this effect, or if you want to wait every 5 years to have the birth order reset itself.

First and/or Only Children

First and only children have a lot of qualities in common, probably because they get so much one-on-one time with their parents. They happen to be achievers who are interested in technical careers and the sciences. They tend to be reliable, and conscientious. There are many more first children than only children in the US. Famous first children include Oprah, Walter Cronkite, and Winston Churchill. Famous only children from history are FDR, Old Blue Eyes, and Elvis. All of these people exhibit traits that can be tied back to the first and/or only child birth order effect.

Middle Children

Middle children may get their diplomatic skills from negotiating between siblings. Although somewhat a rebel, they are great savers who save more money than either older or younger siblings, are peacemakers, and fantastic friends. They are also social butterflies. You can find them in jobs like law enforcement, education, or holding public office. More than either their older or younger counterparts, they are also more than likely to remain faithful to their partner. Famous middle children include JFK, who was a peacemaker, Barbara Walters, a news social butterfly, and Martin Luther King, Jr., one of America’s ultimate rebels for good.

Youngest Children

Youngest children prefer to be the life of the party, and are usually less disciplined than others and may seem somewhat reckless, even as they search for a good time. They seem to love fun, attention, themselves, and their social life. You might find that they have power over others, but are simple. Usually, the youngest children tend to gravitate more towards the arts when it comes to careers, working in visual and graphic arts, the art of words, and that of sales. Famous youngest children include Samuel Clemons (Mark Twain), Stephen Colbert of late night broadcasting fame, and Prince Harry of the royal family.

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