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46 Controversial Topics for Argumentative Essays

To successfully write an argumentative essay, the writer must thoroughly investigate the topic and collect any information and evidence on the topic. A clear thesis and sound reasoning must be used throughout the essay with clear and logical transitions. A variety of controversial topics are available to focus your argumentative essay on. The below variety of topics for argumentative essays are listed to help inspire the creation of your own idea.

Actors and athletes are paid to much.
Adoption in lesbian families.
Allowing cell phones in school.
Animals used for research.
Banning smoking permanently.
Benefits of single sex schools.
Can a husband be accused of raping his wife.
Capital punishment of mentally disabled.
Competitive nature of college admission.
Democracy vs Communism.
Dependence on internet.
Divorce influence from western culture.
Doctors and medical ethics.
Does age matter in relationships.
Dress code in schools and colleges.
Globalization and pollution.
Government controlled media.
India vs American taxation system.
Internet and copyrights.
Internet piracy.
Joomla vs WordPress
Legalization of cloning.
Legalization of prostitutes.
Minor marriages.
Murder for self defense.
Penalties for unethical advertisers.
Punishment of child rapists.
Right to education or right to job.
Right to suicide.
Separation of church and state.
Stopping pollution.
Students grading teachers.
Teacher and student relationships.
Teaching sex education to a minor.
The abolishment of death penalty.
The adverse effects of life due to science.
The banning of DNA cloning.
The dangers of cell phones.
The destruction of nuclear weapon.
The free distribution of condoms in schools.
The permanent ban of pornography.
The pressure on kids from schools.
The scientific nature of superstitions.
The unfairness of the electric process.
The use of steroids in bodybuilding.

The controversy over Chinese fake electronics and counterfeiting has been an issue for years. An estimated $48 million dollars and 2.1 million jobs are lost due to China’s tech counterfeiting. China is also considered to be among the listing of worst countries that protect intellectual property rights. China alone houses more than 22 fake Apple stores. The following infographic outlines the facts and controversy over China’s counterfeiting trends.

China Tech Controversy

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