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How Not to Look Ugly on Your Webcam


Want to look your best in your next appearance on your webcam? These days, using a webcam and looking great (or at least professional) while doing it can be important for all sorts of reasons. In this article we will explore why looking great in a webcam chat can be important. We will also give you some easy-to-follow dos and don’ts that you can follow the next time that you are expected to make an appearance online using your webcam. You will look much better if you just follow them!

Why It’s Important

As mentioned before, there are a variety of reasons to look great on a webcam. You may use a webcam to communicate regularly with friends and family who you do not get to see very often. You want to look your best for them. You may be expected to give an interview for your next possible job using a webcam. Be sure that you do it right! First impressions can be very important. Or, you may be invited to an important conference call that you want to be sure to impress on. No matter the reason, looking great on a webcam can be important.


Be sure to chat in a regular public place in your house without a weird background. Do not let there be any light that falls behind your head, else people will not be able to see your expressions and your pretty face. Do not use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet, as the connection may be shoddy and not as powerful as an Ethernet cord. Don’t leave up programs that you do not need during the interview. Don’t leave-up any programs that will be downloading or uploading files in the meantime, as this can slow your connection.


Do have a light on your face in a very quiet area of your home. Try to eliminate all background noise possible. Restart your equipment and test it before you actually get on the call, or before you start to make a recording. Do be sure that you appear in the center of the screen. Be sure to ask others who might also be using your internet to not be sharing files during your interview. Do use your Ethernet cord and think about what your background looks like. Take some time to plan beforehand, and everything will be just fine.

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