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7 Key Benefits of Getting a Google Plus Page for your Company

7 Key Benefits of Getting a Google Plus Page for your Company

Why Businesses Should Care About Google+

Google+ got off to a slow start. Some claimed it was a ghost town, with barely any activity going on. Businesses and Marketers were left disappointed and underwhelmed. Is there any point in spending time creating another social network profile?

Yes there is. Anyone ignoring the value and massive future potential of Google+ will be missing out on a lot of benefits. As the premier search engine, Google is perfectly places to bring all their services together in the form of a social network. Here are seven benefits your business could be enjoying from Google+.

1. It is growing fast

According to Google, their social network is the fasting growing social media site ever. This momentum of increasing members will translate into more business for you.

2. More active than you would think

With well over 100 million active users, and 60 % of them logging in every single day, this is not a network that should be ignored. In total there are a massive 500 million enabled Google+ accounts (mostly thanks to Gmail), once user become more familiar with the service, the active members will increase even faster.

3. Google+ affects search rankings

When people share or “+1” your posts, this will directly influence your social recommendations count and searcher’s will see customized results based on the recommendations. Also adding these +1 buttons to your website content will help you even more.

4. Super quick indexing

Your Google+ posts and status updates are indexed immediately into search results. This vastly increases the chances of your Google+ network will see your content in their search results. For even better results, optimize posts with appropriate and targeted keywords and headline tags.

5. Claim your authored content

With a Google+ profile linked to your site or blog, you can claim the authorship of all your content. This means that your Google+ profile photo will show up next to search results of your posts. What is so great about this? Higher click-through rates, more traffic to profile page, and more traffic to your other content.

6. Get found locally

Google+ Local Pages are indexed directly into the search results. A strong presence in local search results is a powerful advantage for many businesses. Get more clients, higher engagement and share information about products and services. If you already have a local page from the old Google Places service, you can merge the two pages and start taking advantage of all the new features in the new updated version.

7. Let the community do the talking

The Google+ Communities gives all your customers a place to talk to each other and discuss your products. Gather useful feedback to improve your offerings. Increase customer engagement and turn them into ambassadors for your brand and products. Social mentions and recommendations are the most effective way of turning leads into sales.

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