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14 Great Instagram Tips and Tricks

14 Great Instagram Tips and Tricks

Instagram Cheat Sheet: Top Photo Sharing Tips

Instagram is a very popular photo sharing app with over 80 million users. It has been used by both individuals and businesses in lots of creative ways. Here are 14 top tips that will turn you from an Instagram newbie to a photo sharing pro.

1. Double click a photo to like it.

2. Click on the LUX button to enhance your photos. This is especially good for underexposed pics. Best used on landscape images, but you can experiment with other photos as well.

3. Turn on or off the borders by just clicking on the frame in top left-hand corner.

4. Give your photos a fun effect by clicking through each filter option. Once you find an effect you like best, click the tick to confirm your choice.

5. To get more control over image composition, take all your shots with your phone’s camera.

6. Click on the raindrop icon to use tilt shift focus on a photo. This lets you select part of the photo to be in focus and to slightly blue the rest.

7. Once you publish your photo, click the three dots under it to share it, delete it, copy the photo’s URL or send it through via email.

8. Use hashtags in your caption to group photos together. Though, you should avoid using too many hashtags since it will reduce engagement.

9. Easily delete spam or inappropriate comments by clicking “view all comments” and then click the cog in the right hand corner. This will give you the option to delete comments.

10. Respond to comments under your photo by holding down on the user’s name. You also get the option of mentioning the user or going to their profile. When you do this the user will be notified about your reply.

11. Do you wish you could put a filter on your photos and save them, but not publish to your Instagram feed? Just put your phone in “airplane mode” and load your photos as you would normally. The photos will be saved to the camera roll.

12. Delete comments that you left on other people’s photos by clicking on the clog icon in the top right hand corner and then choosing the red circle that appears next to your name.

13. To give a boost to the look of a photo cross process it by using two different apps to process the picture. Try using camera+ to process it once, then use another Instagram filter on top of that to give your photo a truly unique look.

14. There are a few good ways of building your follower count. Take lots of photos. Experiment and try out new ideas. Post often, but not too often. Be consistent. Engage with others and leave comments. Most importantly just have fun.

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