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17 LinkedIn Company and Business Profile Tips

17 LinkedIn Company and Business Profile Tips

The Beginners Guide to How LinkedIn Work

LinkedIn is a big worldwide social networking site (SNS) for professionals. It is one of the largest SNS that originally started in the USA to connect and expand on a professional network which displays a user’s career information, academic background and skills. These days many companies look for potential employee by using this network of professionals.

As of November 2011, Linked has more than 135 million members in over 200 countries. The USA has the most members at 57 million users. Then next highest is India with 11 million users and then the UK with 6 million users. Professionals are joining LinkedIn at a rate that is faster than 2 new members every second.

What can you do with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has become popular thanks to the multitude of features that can help promote you as a professional and connect with employers, partners, clients and other like minded individuals.

Some of the main things that you can on with LinkedIn include:
• Establish your professional profile – skills, experience, career info & current position.
• Stay in touch with colleagues and friends.
• Explore new opportunities.
• Find experts and ideas to resolve a unique business challenge.

Other activities and options are:
• Check on the career of a person you met.
• Look for talent or offer a job.
• Follow your interesting companies’ hiring information.
• See detailed statistics on a companies’ business page.
• Show your careers on your profile page.
• Your profile can be searched.
• Get recommendations to make your profile more trustful.
• Follow fresh topics on different unique professional groups.
• Find professionals with the skills you need.

LinkedIn members are sharing knowledge and insights in more than a million LinkedIn Groups. This is a massive source of information, where professionals are discussing the latest issues and challenges facing the world today in many different fields.

75 of the Fortune 100 companies make use of LinkedIn as their corporate hiring solution of choice. In the US social networks are used heavily to find new and exciting job opportunities.

Customer acquisitions through LinkedIn are especially effective for B2B companies, who experience a 61% success rate. Even for B2C businesses a success rate of 39% is a respectable figure.

Students have also found success thanks to LinkedIn. A study by the American Institute of Medical Sales found that 71% of graduates found work, and 98% of graduates had at least 1 or 2 interviews after finishing college.

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