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7 Incredible Billionaire Success Stories


Some of the world’s most successful people – in business and in every other field imaginable – started out with decks that were decidedly stacked against them, but still (somehow) rose above that adversity and created a tremendous impact on our world – and continue to do so today.

People like Elon Musk, Arianna Huffington, Mark Cuban, Oprah Winfrey, and others have faced significant challenges in their lives and turned those tough times into fuel to help them build the life that they had always dreamed of. If you’re going to enjoy that same kind of success you’ll need to blow through adversity as well – and using the tips and tricks below will help you do exactly that.

1) Get crystal clear about your ideal future.
The number one thing that helps to really separate the ultra successful from those that really aren’t all that happy with their lives is the ability to get crystal clear and laserlike focus on a vision of the future that is so real it is almost tangible.

Successful people have the ability to see the future before it happens in a way that almost feels like they already enjoy what they want to have in the future, and this is the fuel that motivates them through a lot of the otherwise rough and rocky times that end up causing most people to abandon ship. Get crystal clear about your ideal future and you’ll find becomes a lot easier to move towards that goal.

2) Take advantage of opportunities when they come but also create your own.
It is of the utmost importance to take advantage of as many opportunities as you were able to uncover as you move throughout life, but it’s not enough to become ultra successful to just kind of sit back and passively react to these opportunities as they present themselves.

Like Mark Cuban, you have to go out and find opportunities, create opportunities, and almost imagine opportunities into reality so that you can go out and create the kind of life you want to lead rather than “find it”. Living offensively – aggressively moving forward towards your goals – is much better than living defensively and just kind of hoping for the best.

3) Understand that time is your most valuable asset.
The last thing that really helps to separate ultra successful people from the rest of the pack is their firm and unwavering belief in the fact that time is our most valuable resource, not money.

Money ends up being relatively easy to create almost out of thin air when you make this kind of adjustment. But you’ll never have the opportunity to make more time – you get the amount that you are given, and that’s it. No one ever gets more than 24 hours in a day, so make the most of the time you have.

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