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Aweber vs Constant Contact

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to potential prospects and turn them into customers. Just one email, sent hundreds or thousands of listed subscribers, can generate tens of thousands in revenues. Two email marketing opportunities to consider are AWeber and Constant Contact.

Which one of these software options is best for you? In the AWeber vs Constant Contact debate, the size of your business will likely be one of the deciding factors. The number of lists that you have, the ease of import you need, and the amount of automation you wish to include are also factors to consider.

What Are the Pros and Cons of AWeber?

AWeber is an email marketing solution that is designed to be used by primarily SMBs and individuals. Bloggers, entrepreneurs, and start-ups can take advantage of what the templates and structures of the software can provide them to respond to large lists in a rapid amount of time, even if there is only one person who is currently driving the business opportunities forward.

The benefits of AWeber include the following.

  • You have access to a quality autoresponder. Instead of needing to worry about responding to every inquiry within 24 hours, you can use the software of AWeber to create an automatic response that occurs immediately. This allows you to keep more people in touch with your brand and business, waiting for your follow-up emails.
  • There are 700+ templates that can be used. This allows you to match up the look and feel of your emails to the look and feel of your brand and business.
  • An effective drag-and-drop mechanism is used for code-free composition. From the creation of your emails to the final edit, the drag-and-drop design of this software allows you to create emails rapidly with consistent quality.

The disadvantages of AWeber include these key points.

  • It can be difficult to move between email lists. Although you can maintain multiple email marketing lists with AWeber, navigating through them can be painstakingly difficult. It often takes multiple steps to get into each list so that modifications can be made or new emails sent out.
  • Unsubscribers are still counted. Your total subscriber count is part of the cost that you’ll pay for the monthly plans that are provided by AWeber. Unlike other software and marketing options, AWeber continues to count your unsubscribers as part of your active email marketing lists.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is one of the oldest email marketing solutions that is available online today. With nearly two decades of experience, users have access to email solutions that are proven to be effective. It is a software solution that is designed for businesses of any size, though sole proprietors in a start-up business may find that this solution is a little too much for what they need at this current moment.

Here are the advantages to consider when looking at Constant Contact for email marketing help.

  • You receive a meaningful free trial period. New users can use Constant Contact for up to 60 days on a free trial period. This allows you to be able to see if this software can meet your needs in real-life applications.
  • Email imports are simple and easy. If you use Outlook or Gmail as your primary email solution, then you can quickly import your contacts into this email marketing software solution.
  • You can cancel services at any time. Constant Contact does not lock users into long-term contracts. It is a month-to-month service that can be canceled at any time.

And then here are the disadvantages that should be considered when looking at Constant Contact.

  • There are storage limitations. You do not have as much space to store drafts or successful emails that have been previously sent. This means you need to keep creating new emails from saved successes on your local operating system in order to repeat successful campaigns.
  • It has a limited auto-responder. Constant Contact is designed to be used for email marketing lists that are already established. That means the automatic responses that are often needed in the first days of having someone sign up are very limited in scope on this platform.

If you are looking for an email solution that offers web activity tracking, split testing, and can work as a social CRM, then AWeber may be the first choice to try. For those who need lead scoring, SMS marketing, personalized web content, predictive analytics, and real-time sales alerts, then Constant Contact is likely the better choice.

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