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7 Best Marketing Value Proposition Examples

Are you wondering how to create a good marketing value proposition? The value proposition that you can provide is the most important factor in how people will engage with the information, goods, or services that you’re providing. If you make a successful value proposition, then people will engage. If not, then they’ll hit the Back button their browser or visit your competitor’s store.

Before selecting which marketing value proposition you use, it is important to set up a method of testing it before you take it live. This is the best piece of advice there is when it comes to this subject. If you don’t test the value proposition you’re considering, then you’re placing a blind bet. Sometimes blind bets pay off, but better decisions always come from information that is more complete.

If people don’t know who you are, then the value you provide must be enhanced. That’s where these examples can come in and help you find the success that you need.

1. Your Headline Matters

You’ve got about 5 seconds to capture the imagination of someone looking at what you’ve got. Can you communicate the value you provide in six words or less? It is important to know that baiting headlines don’t provide value, but they may provide clicks for impressions. You’ve seen these headlines on social networks a lot lately.

This man entered a room. What he saw next blew his mind.

Maybe it blew that guy’s mind, but will that perspective be a universal perspective for every subgroup you’re targeting? Not likely. A headline like this is a lot better.

This Man Made $5k from an Idea and So Can You

2. Think About Using Subheadlines to Provide More Instant Gratification

If the headline is good enough to grab someone’s attention, you’ll want to keep that person moving through your value funnel. Many people go to an introductory paragraph or sales literature after the headline, but a better way is to provide a subheadline. It’s two sentences that help to promote the idea of the headline. Here’s an example.

This Man Made $5k from an Idea and So Can You
John discovered a distributor that could take his invention public. Here’s the best part: John kept all of the rights to his invention.

It’s a lot like the old thesis statements high school teachers and college professors love. Your title is the thesis statement. It’s the argument you’re making for value. Your subheadlines become the basis of that argument. Now you’re ready to provide value within the body of your content, even if it is video or spoken content instead of written content.

3. Bring Out the Main Highlights in a Concentrated Form

What are the main highlights your goods or services are able to provide? These are the factors that people want to see. One of the best ways to separate these points out is to create a bullet point reference for easy reference throughout the article. This is because the human eye is naturally drawn to this separation. You’ll find that bullet points provide three tremendous advantages.

  • They help people to focus on the #1 thing that is important about your goods or services.
  • It gets them thinking about the value proposition with a more in-depth attitude.
  • You can close the deal with a solid set of points.

4. Clarity is What Will Win the Day For You

The best marketing value propositions don’t come from link bait or deceptive content. They come from content that is clear, transparent, and easy to understand. The next time you watch TV or you listen to the free version of Spotify or another music streaming service, pay attention to the points that are made without watching any graphics. Each point is short, precise, and designed to communicate that item’s problem-solving abilities.

5. There Isn’t Any Hype Involved with a Great Marketing Value Proposition

You might have the most amazing, incredible product ever produced. Many of your customers might call it a miracle. You might be able to provide the best examples of value proposition in the world today, but hype doesn’t do a single thing. Hype is about excitement, not value. A little hype is like salt on some French Fries – a little bit will go a long way.

6. Boosters Will Always Add Value to Your Proposition

Who doesn’t like the chance to take advantage of a great deal? Adding boosters to your marketing value proposition will help people want to progress through your value funnel into your sales funnel. There are a number of proven methods of adding value to a proposal that won’t cost you much at all.

  • Offer free shipping for new customers who purchase your products.
  • Provide upgrades for customers who reach certain purchasing levels.
  • Give prospects the chance to join a loyalty program.
  • You can never go wrong with a 100% guarantee.

7. Your Prospects Aren’t Going to Ignore the Visuals

If you’ve still got your eyes closed while watch TV advertisements, it’s time to get those eyes opened once again. You can’t ignore the visuals that people see with your product. If something is visually attractive, then people will feel a natural attraction to learn more about your marketing value proposition. The danger here is that unrelated images or unattractive images will drive people away. Quality matters.

  • Prospects in your sales funnel that encounter a video with bad production value will then associate this bad value to the product or service in question.
  • Scraped content [or items that have been outright copied with credit] will drive people away in droves.
  • There are no shortcuts.

You’ve got to be 100% original. That’s the best way to make sure that your marketing value proposition is heard. If all you’re doing is creating a copy of another service or product on the market today, without an original proposition, nearly everyone will go to the original instead of your copy. Keep these tips and examples in mind, tell your story, and focus on the key features as much as possible.

If you do that, then you’ll create an amazing proposition that will naturally lead people to your value funnel every single time.

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