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5 Top AARP Competitors

AARP is geared toward helping those aged 50 or over with a wide variety of needs, from insurance to caregiving to job placement assistance. There are often discounts available at retail outlets, restaurants, and hotels for those who are members of AARP as well. With a membership level that has crossed more than 37 million people and a presence in all 50 states and around the world, there is a lot of leverage that comes with being an AARP member.

If you’re looking to maximize the value of your current nest egg and to protect yourself in a better way as you gracefully age, then here are some alternatives to AARP that we’ve put together for your consideration. Let’s take a look!

AMAC – https://amac.us/

Did you know that you don’t have to be a member of AARP to have access to their insurance policies? For a more conservative approach to getting older, switching to the Association of Mature American Citizens could help to provide you with the networking you need. There may be fewer opportunities available with this organization when compared to AARP, but you may find that the core values of faith, family, and freedom ring better for you.


USA Next – hhttps://www.americanseniors.org/

Formerly known as the American Seniors Association, USA Next leans further to the conservative side of the spectrum than AMAC. They have long been in competition with AARP for membership roles and have even been fined over $500,000 in the past for misleading mailings that have indicated that Social Security approved of their methods above AARP’s. The CEO of USA Next has connections to Focus on the Family and served as a Vice President for the conservative Christian organization while also serving with USA Next.

USA Next

Generation America – https://amac.us/generationamerica

Joining the theme of counter voices to what is considered to be the liberal agenda of AARP, Generation America provides less of a financially beneficial set of opportunities to its membership, but there are a variety of targeted discounts available with a paid membership. You’ll instead be connected to the various political leaders in your region so you can directly contact them with your concerns about what is going on in today’s society. This includes assistance with Medicaid and Medicare, as well as health and human services assistance.

Generation America

Senior Citizens Association of America – https://www.scaaonline.org/

The SCAA is an organization dedicated to those aged 60 and over who are looking to find cost savings strategies and better access to healthcare. You’ll find help here with filling out Medicaid and Medicare forms, get you discounts on key health related checkups and products related to dental care, vision checkups, and hearing aids, and help with determining your eligibility for government programs. You’ll also get help with planning for your final expenses so that your family isn’t left in a potential lurch if something unexpected happens.

Senior Citizens Association of America

Alliance for Retired Americans – https://retiredamericans.org/

The ARO is directly related to the trade unions and is composed of its retired members. The primary affiliation is with the AFL-CIO and there are currently over 4 million members in 33 states. Dues are just $10 per year and the primary focus of this organization is to lobby politically. The passage of Medicare is directly attributed to the efforts of the ARA.

Alliance for Retired Americans

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