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Review of the El Pollo Loco Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

With El Pollo Loco, you won’t find any crazy chickens. You’ll just find chicken that tastes crazy good! That’s the only secret that there is to this franchise: to provide each customer with great tasting food that will have them want to come back for more the next time they are hungry. Each service opportunity is a chance to prove that this organization really is a purveyor of perfection, and to accomplish this, a healthier option from the typical fast food offering has provided consumer acceptance in almost every demographic.

El Pollo Loco got its start as a small chicken stand on the coast of the Sea of Cortez. It was a simple concept: serve fresh chicken with fresh ingredients using an authentic family recipe. It became a local favorite and over 30 years ago, that success caused the first restaurant to open in California. With over 400 locations filled with flavorful offerings and signature dishes, you’ll be able to satisfy your investment desires with this franchise!

What Does It Take To Become an El Pollo Loco Franchisee?

The target markets for this franchise are the American Southwest. With the exception of Los Angeles, which is closed because of the amount of franchises in place, the sky really is the limit in the quest to become associated with this brand. The rest of the country is also open and available for development if that is your preference, but the targets stretch from California to Texas.

There are a few specific locations where El Pollo Loco is actively seeking franchisees:

• Northern CA: Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose
• Southwest: Albuquerque, Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Tucson
• Mountain West: Denver and Salt Lake City

The focus that this franchise has with each location is the ease of access that customers will have to the restaurant itself. To that extend, there needs to be parking for more than 25 cars, at least 2300 square feet of space for a freestanding location, and traffic milestones of at least 35,000 people on average each day. For end caps, outdoor seating is also a definite benefit. Visibility, signage, and a blend of daytime and residential traffic is also looked at, as well as the retail atmosphere that surrounds the location.

What Are the Costs to Start an El Pollo Loco Franchise?

The amounts of a franchise are actually variable based on current market valuation. In their most recent Franchise Disclosure Document, however, you can estimate that it will cost a minimum of $400k to get a new franchise from conceptualization to its grand opening and that does not include any real estate costs that you may face. You are not allowed to lease a location. You must build a new site for your project. There is a franchise fee of $40,000 per unit that must be paid and applies to multiple location owners as well.

The net worth requirement for this organization is $1 million. To qualify as a franchisee, you must also have $300k in liquid assets and this requirement applies per unit. Therefore, if you wish to open multiple locations, you’ll need to multiply these requirements based on the number of units you’re looking to create.

In order to qualify as a franchisee, you’ll also need a minimum of five years of proven and successful experience working as an owner-operator within the restaurant industry. Although some exceptions may be made for restaurant management or hospitality experience, this requirement is generally enforced strictly. Absentee ownership with this franchise is absolutely not allowed. You’re expected to live in the community with your franchise so you can manage your restaurant on a daily basis.

The approval process takes five steps and can be canceled by El Pollo Loco at any time. If you receive final management approval, then you’ll be allowed to build your restaurant. Project managers can help with that process, but overall it could take 18 months for your grand opening to happen.

What Kind of Support Will You Receive From El Pollo Loco?

Once you’ve received final approval for your franchise, the support begins with this organization’s real estate team. They’ll work with you to plan your market and find the right site to help you maximize profitability. You’ll also receive seven weeks of training before your openings takes place that includes your restaurant managers. There are also training consultants to help your franchise train your new crew in best practices and you’ll get complete support for your restaurant opening.

You’ll also receive a comprehensive set of marketing tools and management experience dedicated to making your franchise a success. You’ll get support that has a proven track record of success and has aligned itself with award-winning advertising agencies to get you a multi-faceted marketing approach. Innovative, bilingual development and plans that are specifically tailored to meet your market’s needs will help to maximize your success!

Is El Pollo Loco the Right Franchise Opportunity For You?

If you enjoy providing people a quality meal at a quality price using fresh ingredients, then El Pollo Loco is a great opportunity for you to consider. You’ll have access to a popular, innovative menu that has a Southwestern US flavor to it that will want people coming back for more – and that means consistent, repetitive revenues!

The process begins when you make an online inquiry with this organization. An emphasis is placed on franchisees who wish to open multiple units, but as long as you are in the targeted territories and meet the minimum requirements, your inquiry will be considered. You’ll be given an interview and your information will be verified. From there, it’s really up to you to determine how much success you’ll be able to find with this brand!

If you need financial diversification or you just have always wanted to open up a restaurant for yourself, then this is a great opportunity. Don’t let it pass you by! Apply online today!

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