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39 Good Red Ribbon Week Slogans

Drugs account for nearly 2 million emergency visits each year with one million of them being from illicit drugs. The physical and long term effects associated with addiction to drugs has caused campaigns to raise awareness to children to keep drug free. Red ribbon week is a time to combat those that abuse drugs and encourage youth to stay away from them. The following red ribbon week slogans are popular about educators and existing participants. These existing slogans are meant to inspire your own creativity to take part in this action.

A healthy me is drug free.
ABCD…… Drugs stay away from me.
Be a chooser not a loser… Choose to be Drug Free.
Choose to refuse.
Come With Me & Be Drug Free.
Crack Is Whack!
Deny drugs the opportunity to steal your life.
Doing Drugs will “Haunt” you for life!
don’t huff, don’t puff, stay away from that stuff.
Don’t start and be smart.
Don’t monkey around with drugs.
Drug free is the key.
Drug Use is Life Abuse WISE GUY.
Drugs drool sports rule.
Drugs make you cuckoo.
Drugs… I don’t have an app for that.
Give your loved ones hope, stay away from dope.
Go red for red ribbon week.
Hand in hand we stand against drugs.
I have better things to do than drugs.
I’m too good for drugs.
I’ve got too much swag … using drugs is a drag!
If you do coke your life will end up a joke.
It’s no lie, drugs will make your mama cry.
Its up to me to be drug free.
iTune out drugs.
Life is my anti-drug!
Look at me, I’m drug free.
Slam Dunk–Drugs are Junk.
Smokin’ Pot WON’T make you Hot!
Soaring to new heights drug free.
Stand 4 nothing, fall 4 anything.
Take a Stand for a Drug Free Land.
The best me is drug free.
the only pot you should be looking for is at the end of the rainbow!
Thug free, Drug Free, Just being who I want 2 be!
Too smart to start. Be drug free.
You can’t hang with me unless you’re drug free.

The most commonly used drugs are pharmaceuticals with approximately a million abusers. Cocaine sits in second place with an average half a million abusers. The following infographic outlines the damaging physical effects of drug abuse and what specific drug types are associated.
The Effects of Drugs on Health

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