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40 Famous People with ISTP Personality Traits

ISTP’s are not known for their good relationship skills. They are one of the three types with the lowest satisfaction in marriage. They also tend to perform work well when it involves their hands such as construction, outdoors, or repairs. They are also known for having little appeal towards the arts and literature. Other interesting facts about ISTP’s is their over representation in the armed forces which is based on their ability to use weaponry. For school programs, they are represented as the most at risk students with lowest college retention rates. Famous people who are associated with ISTP personality traits are listed below.

Alan Shepherd
Amelia Earhart
Antony Worrall Thompson
Avril Lavigne
Bruce Lee
Burt Reynolds
Charles Bronson
Christian Bale
Clint Eastwood
Dalai Lama XIV
David Blaine
Demi Moore
Donald Rumsfeld
Ellen Page
Erwin Rommel
Frank Zappa
Harrison Ford
Jack Dorsey
James Dean
Jenna Jameson
John Malkovich
Judy Finnigan
Katharine Hepburn
Keith Richards
Kristen Stewart
Michael Jordan
Miles Davis
Phil Ivey
Robin Cook
Scarlett Johansson
Simon Cowell
Snoop Dogg
Stanley Kubrick
Steve Jobs
Steven Wright
Tiger Woods
Tom Cruise
Vladimir Putin
Woody Allen
Zachary Taylor

A special thanks to CelebrityTypes.com for listing out some great famous ISTPs.

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