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19 Compelling Stats on Foreign Born Entrepreneurs and Business Owners


Americas Need To Balance The Diverse Economy

The amount of foreign business owners has skyrocketed since the end of the twentieth century, especially in the United States. That in and of itself is an enormous accomplishment when you look back fifty years ago at the once racist, uninviting America that use to be. With that said and done, there is a significant detail that must be recognized. Yes, the rise in immigrant owned businesses help the economy in many different ways. Yes, there are many benefits that come along with having variety. But, where is all of this business going?

Where Is the Business At

Research shows that in the last twenty years, close to third of new small-businesses were started by Foreign immigrants and the amount of foreign initiated businesses rose over one hundred percent. Both of these approximations are fantastic improvements and should be recognized so that we strive towards a more united mixed society. However, research also shows that the amount of foreign owned businesses are significantly focused in the food and transportation industry.

What Needs Improvement

Before there is misunderstanding, culinary and transportation is not a bad business at all. In fact, having a large number of foreign started culinary and driving businesses means a greater variety of food the United States has to offer and culture spread from location to location. Hating on the food and transportation industry is not the focal point. What one should notice is the lack of foreign starters in communications, marketing, public sector, finance many different important gears that drive America’s economic machine.

Getting Educated

The good news is in 2012, according to recent statistics, the dominating foreign race in America, Latino, has had a huge improvement in the amount of students attending a two or four year college, which means that a balance in the foreign owned industries is on the horizon. To keep these statistics rising, the main focus for improvement should be how we view our education system.

Math, science, and communication are some of the hardest fields to master. They’re usually dished out to students in a forced, monotonic manner, which makes the students view these fields as the “hard” and “boring” classes of their school careers.

Also, the children are, in strict opinion, brain washed to think that “Art” is completely separate from “Math” and “Science”, when really each and every one of these subjects is an art in and of themselves. Many may disagree, but the opinion concluded is that students in general will retreat to their cultural roots and what’s easier and comfortable when science and math are viewed as giant monsters they can’t handle.

With the majority of foreign students increasing, the amount of foreign business owners rises. Having the different business in America’s economy more balanced will help spread culture to all parts of the economy, which benefits America internally and internationally. This all begins with America’s education. Once teachers and professors present math, science, and communications in more attractive, understandable manner, our diverse economy will truly thrive.

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