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32 Catchy Community College Marketing Slogans

In recent years, many have grown to promote smaller community colleges through industry partnerships that help to focus on building a skilled workforce. This is primarily attributed to the educational system wanting to provide access and resources to a nation that has struggled through long term poverty. To assist with getting the word out for innovative and creative new career paths, the following community college marketing slogans serve as perfect examples to the types of messages you can use with your next campaign.

45 Years of Excellence in Education.
A Great Place to Start.
A Higher Degree of You.
Accelerate Your Career.
Advising Success.
Building on a Legacy of Excellence.
Calculate Your Success.
Changing Lives. Creating Futures.
Changing Lives for a Changing World.
Choose Your Direction.
Class That Fit Your Busy Life.
Closer to Home.
Commitment to Excellence in Teaching and Service.
Connect To Your Future.
Different. Better. With a Purpose.
Educational Opportunities and Services in Diverse Learning Environments.
Expanding Minds. Transforming Lives.
Go Far. Close to Home.
Going Anywhere Starts Here.
Island Living. Island Learning.
It Does Not Just Happen.
Prepare for the Future.
Providing Life Changing Experiences Through Education.
Quality Instruction. Exceptional Value.
Start Strong.
Students Are Our Focus and We Are Known By Their Success.
Success Needs a Plan.
Then. Now. Always.
We Enrich Lives Through Learning.
What Are You Waiting For?
You Can Find Your Career.
Your Future Begins Now.

An overview of marketing principles that can be used in the community college industry are looked at in the following video.

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