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33 Exceptional Email Marketing Tips


Here are the key insights to remember from this infographic…

1) Focus On What Matters.
It is important when working on your email marketing to focus on what really matters. Make your content easy to skim and keep it relatively short in length. Include the necessary information and do not try to bog down the recipients with a lot of details. With short paragraphs and bold headlines, it makes it easier for people to engage with the message you are providing.

2) Know What Platforms You Are Marketing On.
Depending on how people check their email, you will have a varied amount of space in which to work with. As a result, you need to know what the average recipient of your messages will be using to check them. Depending on your client profile, it may make more sense to tailor your marketing technique towards mobile users then those who check emails over their desktop.

3) Provide Value.
Why are you sending this email out? What kind of value is it going to provide for those you are marketing towards? When it comes to email marketing, success comes down to you being able to convey the value of what you are offering. Keep this message short, sweet, and simple.

4) Focus On Your Phrasing.
While you are certainly the one sending out the emails and marketing, the message has to have much less “we” and much more “you” in terms of language. In addition, do not include some of the common marketing words that people turn away from, including the words “Help,” “Reminder”, and “%Off” in the header.

5) Be Aware of Your Frequency.
It is important not to overdo your marketing. The more you market towards people, the greater the drop off in responses to the marketing campaign.

6) Know Who You Are Marketing To.
What is your client profile like? Who will be receiving this email and what things are important to them. It is relatively easy to create a profile based on the information you have at hand. With the profile, you can specifically target your message to a subset of people, increasing the chances of potential responses.

7) Timing Is Everything.
One of the most frequent times for marketers to send emails out is on Thursdays during the afternoon. This is so that people will mostly see them before the weekend. Avoid this time and increase the chances that your email will be read.

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