33 Good Logistics Slogans and Taglines

In the United States, the logistics and transportation industry has an annual worth of $1.3 trillion, averaging 8.5% of the annual GDP. Industry investments into logistics is expected to grow alongside the US economy as supply chain networks are created among global and domestic firms. Trends are gearing towards shipping and freight among emerging markets and meeting the global needs of business through advanced logistic solutions. The following series of logistic slogans are from worldwide businesses that focus on quality and timeliness with delivery.

A partnership based on trust.
An anchor in a new era.
Booking our passage to the future.
Borderless logistics.
Close to your business.
Delivery unlimited.
Equipment you can count on. People you can trust.
For the men in charge of change.
Fueling your logistics chain.
Globally connected, Locally invested.
Go beyond logistics, make the world go round and revolution business.
Great voyages start here.
Imagination… What we can easily see is only a small percentage of what is possible.
Live the experience.
Logistics through innovation, dedication, and technology.
Not the average freight fowarder.
People. Partnership. Performance.
Possibility in every direction.
Power beyond cargo.
Quality never goes out of style.
Ready, set, done.
Safety, quality, professionalism.
Shipments delivered on time with no hassle.
Smart people. Great solutions.
Special handling. Extra service.
Thinking the way forward.
Together with passion.
Trust. Transparency. Tranquility.
We set the standards others try to live up to.
We take pride in serving our customers safely.
Your best liquid asset.
Your navigator in the world of trade.
Your readiness. Our mission.

The below infographic outlines modern global logistics and the value of air, ocean, and ground freight. Logistics in the United States accounted for 17.9% of the GDP in 1989 and only accounts for 7.7% now. Over $1.5 trillion in logistics is spent in China.

Global Logistics Statistics