37 Catchy Car Wash Slogans and Taglines

The car wash and auto detail industry is worth a combined $7 billion in annual revenue. After experiencing a decline in recent years due to the recession, a solid projected 5 year recovery will raise demand once again. Awareness issues in water efficiency has also contributed to apprehension by consumers. However, confidence is expected to rise again along with greater disposable incomes. Profitability in this industry relies heavily on location and efficient operations. Considered a very fragmented industry, the 50 largest companies owe less than 20$ of the market. In an attempt to boost sales once again, the following collection of car wash slogans used by other companies are intended to encourage new marketing efforts for your business.

A sparkling good deal.
Brand new touch less car wash.
Bringing back that new car feeling.
Cars deserve better.
Clean. Fast. Friendly.
Cleaning up the city, one car at a time.
Convenience with a smile.
Express hand wax in minutes.
Fly back to a shiny car.
Focus on the details.
Get a showroom shine, every time.
If your car is not becoming to you, you should be coming to us.
It’s more than a car… Keep it clean.
Keep it clean, we’re all downstream.
Keep your car looking new with our new detail center.
Keep your vehicle looking its best.
Nobody else does it like we do.
Our pride shows in our quality workmanship.
People Can Tell……..When You Autobell.
Quality service at your doorstep.
Remove road salt now.
ScrubaDub. A Great Carwash.
Simply the best.
Splash. Love Your Car… Drive It Clean.
Stay in your car convenience.
The car wash for busy people.
The cleanest way to do the dirty job.
The innovators of one-on-one service for your complete satisfaction.
Through our doors pass the cleanest cars in the world.
We bring the wave to you.
We can help clean up your life.
We come to you at your home or office.
We dry harder.
We make cars last longer.
We’ll Clean.
We wash better than you do.
You like it clean, we like it dirty.
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