41 Good and Catchy Car Wash Names

The car wash industry sees most of its growth during the winter, accounting for 32% of the year revenue gained. The most popular day to get a car wash is on Saturday. Over 2 billion cars are washed annually with 8 million washed daily. This makes the industry of car care add up to almost $6 billion in annual revenue. If you like the idea of owning a car wash yourself, here is a listing of catchy car wash names from businesses on the east and west coast of America. These current business name listing is meant to inspire your creativity to create your own.

Auto Shine Car Wash
Auto Spa Express
Bears Car Wash
Black Diamond Car Wash
Blue Dolphin Car Wash
Buff it Car Center
Busy Bee Car Wash
Calypso Car Wash
Champion Hand Car Wash
Cool Wave Car Wash
Eagle Car Wash
Finish Line Car Wash & Detail
Gold Coast Car Wash
Grease Monkey
Lookin’ Good Car Wash
Magic Rabbit Car Wash
Magic Suds Car Wash
Octopus Car Wash
One Stop Auto
Oyster Point Car Wash
Pelican Car Wash
Raindancer Car Wash
Red Carpet Hand Car Wash
Seventh Wave Car Wash
Shiners Auto Spa
Simon’s Shine Shop
Soaps and Suds Car Wash
Sparkle and Shine
Splash Car Wash and Lube
Strictly By Hand
The Smart Car Wash
Three Palms Auto Spa
Top Dog Express Car Wash
Top Hat Car Wash
Victorious Shine
Wash Fair
Wave Car Care Center
We Wash
We’ll Clean
White Horse Auto Wash
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Some major cities such as New York see a greater prominence of taxi’s being used versus the need to own and maintain your own vehicle. Other cities see a high desire by automobile owners to maintain their car cleanliness. The top cities for cash washes are outlined below in the infographic.

Top Cities for Car Wash Consumers