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101 Great Catchy Frozen Yogurt Shop Slogans

A great slogan for your business can truly set you apart from all of the other frozen yogurt establishments in your area. Here are some great examples of frozen yogurt shop slogans that are sure to inspire.

70 Years of 31 Flavors.
A Cup Full Of Happiness.
A delicious combination of yogurt, juice and health!
A Healthy Treat For All.
A Yogurt With Zero Preservative.
All Happiness Depends on a Flavorful Delight.
All The Flavor In A Healthy Treat.
Always fresh. Never frozen.
America’s favorite real ice cream.
An ice cream Boutique.
Blended With Nature.
Bring your Friends to Mix.
Choose it. Mix it. Smash it. Love it.
Classically Cool. Real Refreshing.
Come Beat The Heat.
Come Chill With Us.
Composition is Everything.
Do Your Health A Flavor.
Eat more dessert.
Every spoonful brings you closer.
Feel Free to Enjoy.
Feel Tender In Every Spoon.
Feel the love.
Feel The Yogurt.
Fit Frozen Dessert.
For Your Healthier Tomorrow.
Fresh. Not frozen.
Fro Yo Fo Yo Face.
Frozen Yogurt With A Twist.
Frozen Yogurt Your Way.
Full Of Fresh And Natural.
Fun is in.
Get a Taste of the Difference.
Get the scoop!
Get Your Flavors On.
Good as father used to make.
Great Taste, Great Filling.
Guilt Free Decadence.
Handcrafted in Hawaii.
Happiness In Every Cup.
Happiness through ice cream.
Health In Every Bite.
Healthier Tomorrow.
Home of the ice cream flight.
Hottest ice cream in town.
I walk on water… frozen water.
Ice cream of the future.
It is so.
It’s always been about the taste!
It’s Time TO Chill.
It’s All About You.
Its Yummy Naughty.
Keep Calm And Froyo On.
Life a little sweeter.
Life Is Uncertain, Eat Dessert First.
Make It Yours.
Make your day a little sweeter.
Mini Melts. The ice cream dream.
More flavors. More fun.
Much Juice, Much Yogurt, Much Yum.
Naturally, you’ll taste the difference.
Not Your Average Dessert.
Now you know you’re home.
Originality in every scoop.
Peace, love & ice cream.
Real Fruit In Every Spoon.
Real ingredients. Real ice cream. Real smiles.
Remarkable Italian ice cream.
Scooping is Fun.
Scooping since 1928.
Shake The Happiness.
Simply delicious.
Sinfully Delicious, Outrageously Healthy.
Small Pleasures, Great Flavors.
So Good, So Yummy.
Sweet Treats.
Swirly Goodness.
Taste a New Dream.
Taste The Better.
Taste Your Imagination.
The art of Swiss ice cream.
The best ice cream you’ll ever taste.
The Possibilities Are Endless.
The ultimate ice cream experience!
Top It!
Topped with Fresh Fruit.
Towns Best Yogurt.
Treat yourself.
Treat Yourself Well.
We are closer to you.
We dream in ice cream.
We make you smile.
We’re creamy. We’re crunchy. We’re Carvel.
Welcome To The House Of Cool.
Where Healthy Meets Delicious.
Yes! We make it here!
Yogurts Beyond Taste.
You’ve tested the rest, now taste the best!
Your Body Will Thank You.
Your New Luv.
Your Weigh!

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