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39 Best Catchy Yogurt Business Names

The yogurt business is gaining quite a bit of ground in the recent years. It has been adopted as a great alternative to ice cream. Due to the amount of competition in this crowded market, a wonderful name that really sticks out and that people can remember is an absolute must. Here is a list of existing yogurt shop names to get your wheels turning for your own business.

Cherry On Top
CUPS Yogurt Shop
Froggy’s Yogurt
FroYo Wizard
Fun Land Yogurt
Garden Berry
Granny’s Yogurt
Green Fusion
Humphrey Yogart
Not Just Yogurt
Off The Wall Yogurt
Penguin’s Yogurt
Pure Bliss Yogurt
Sparky’s Yogurt Shop
The American Yogurt Company
The Yogurt Experts
The Yogurt Shope
Twirl Yogurt
Vanilla Sky
Wild Cherry Yogurt
Yes Sir Yogurt
Yogurt Beyond
Yogurt City
Yogurt Down Under
Yogurt Haven
Yogurt Island
Yogurt Land
Yogurt Station
Yogurt Stop
Yummy Yogurt
Yum’s Yogurt
Zucca Bucca Yogurt
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This great video, featuring Paul Kali, talks about the behind the scenes business of yogurt. It is very educational and insightful for anyone looking to begin their own yogurt journey.

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