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27 Best Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses


Marketing Strategies That Work Efficiently

You don’t have to have a large sum of money to market your company effectively. There are many ways to get the word out about your company with some time and effort. The key is to make use of some of the many social sites, search engines, blogs, existing customers, and incentive plans already available.

Get Social

It seems that the best word of mouth now a days is the internet. Everyone from corporations to Grandma have some type of social media account. Making an account, if you haven’t already, on twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, YouTube and Yahoo can increase your outlet to discuss and promote your company or product and improve customer relations. Videos on YouTube not only tell about your product but show it as well. These videos can be uploaded and promoted on your Facebook, too. Creating an account is not the only way to use social sites. Advertising on social sites is another fairly inexpensive way to improve your marketing strategy.

Help to Generate Traffic

Inserting your links, logos and opinions on current blogs and Q & A sites, such as Yahoo! Answers, will help to generate traffic to your product or service. Sites that have an open forum are an open invitation to answer questions about a solution or a problem that is related to your product or service. Opinions on open forums and blogs can send a much needed message quickly. Starting your own blog can help direct your products image in the direction you want it to be seen. Search engines and retargeting once lost customer potentials is a known effective marketing strategy.

Offer Incentive Plans

Incentive plans either for existing customers or new potential customers can get the word about you moving. Groupon has been known to be a huge outlet for companies and tends to get new potential customers to give you a chance. Asking current customers for referrals is in an option. To further the referral program start an affiliate program that pays customers for a sales referral. People are more likely to tell others when there is a reward for them involved. Twitter also has an incentive plan that can pay customers per tweet in order to hook people into your company.

Practice Word to Mouth

The internet is a good source for marketing but is still not the only outlet. Good old fashioned word of mouth is still effective and efficient. Conducting seminars or just attending seminars and intermingling with other business owners and customers can help your public relations and increase your outlets.

Promote by Spreading on News Networks

News outlets and good customer service can greatly affect your public image and how the word of mouth can spread from customer to customer. In order to keep good word spreading is to improve the way you conduct business. While news outlets maybe hard to initiate in a positive light it is a huge source for public notice.

Create Buzz

By making use of all that is available freely and using all possible outlets you are sure to create some buzz and traffic for your business. How you choose to do so is up to you but the resources to do so efficiently are readily available.

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