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10 Essential Responsive Design Tips


5 Design Tips For a Better Response

How your website is setup is what will ultimately determine how successful you really will be on the internet today. You can have quality marketing content, an incredible product or service, and even provide a tremendous value, but still come up short because of a flawed design. Targeted visitors that are confused, unable to find specific information, or unable to find a way to convert will simply leave your site and go to a competitor’s with revenues that should be yours.

Don’t let that happen! These 5 tips will put your design onto a more successful road.

Tip #1: Use Media Queries

Even though people are visually orientated and prompted more today from graphics than they are from content, a vast majority of websites are 100% dedicated to content only. By using media queries, you’ll be able to specifically tailor the graphics of your site based on whatever platform your targeted visitor is using. This will allow you to present an inviting graphic all the time and potentially help you convert more leads.

Tip #2: Make Your Layout Flexible

There is a wide variety of technology that can access your website today. In order to meet the needs of everyone, you need to make sure that you have flexibility in your layout so that someone on a smartphone gets the same positive experience as someone using a brand new Apple MacBook. Instead of mixing fluid width with borders and padding, consider incorporating box sizing into your design to increase your site’s flexibility.

Tip #3: Make Sure Your Site Stays Consistent

Without a maximum or a minimum, your website will look really, really big or really, really small based on the equipment your targeted visitor is using. To prevent this from happening, install a max/min for your px so that you can have a bit of a variation… but not too much. After all, if someone is using a smartphone, do you really what them just to see a HD picture of you when they pull up your site?

Tip #4: Keep Everything Relative

People are attracted to symmetry. The more symmetrical a person’s facial features happen to be, the more likely others will find them to be attractive. The same rule is true for your web design! Keep everything to the same relative size, add symmetry to your website, and you’ll create an attractive design that will encourage your targeted visitors to become repeat customers.

Tip #5: Don’t Put In Non-Essential Content

There is always something that doesn’t need to be in your web design. The modern website needs to be clear and concise in order to effectively communicate. By eliminating items in your design that clutter up your site and distract people, you’ll be able to direct your targeted visitors directly to what they came to your site to see. That will leads to better conversions, and ultimately, a better overall web design.

Is your ROI not where you think it should be? Try using these 5 tips today to improve your web design! It could be that final step you need to maximize your online presence.

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