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List of 51 Catchy Kitchen Safety Slogans

The kitchen can post many dangers and risks to include fire, cuts, food contamination and more. Over 150,000 house fires occur each year due to cooking equipment that catches fire. Frying is the cause of 63% stove fires. Burns can also place homeowners at risk. Majority of these occur at home in the bathroom or kitchen due to hot tap water. The following collection of kitchen safety slogans will help you keep safety in mind. These are preexisting and slogans used by others and organizations to promote awareness.

Avoid future frustration, avoid cross contamination.
Be Alert! Expect the unexpected.
Be Aware of Slips and Trips.
Be Aware Take Care.
Be careful, safety isn’t just a slogan its a way of life.
Be Hand-in-Glove with Safety.
Better to Be Safe Than to Be Sorry!
Caution – Read – Then Proceed.
Caution hot surface.
Cook it with care, well done not rare.
Cutting corners can cut your life short.
Dare to Be Aware.
Don’t take chances, place it safe.
Don’t cause a scene, keep your area clean.
Don’t Learn Safety by Accident.
Don’t put a family in mourning. Follow the safety warning.
Expect the unexpected and always be protected.
Fail Safety and It Will Fail You.
Fess up if you mess up.
Food quality not Food quantity.
Get the Safety Habit.
Hand in – Hamburger Out.
Health and safety is my life. Stand Back, this may be hot.
Heat the food to the right degree, to make it healthy and germ free.
If you are going to eat it later, keep it in the refrigerator.
If you don’t want to contaminate the meat, keep your kitchen counters neat!
If you don’t want to get hurt, stay alert.
If you try to cook your food quick, you will get sick.
In the Fridge you should know, to always keep the meats below.
Keep safety first so you are last.
Keep your kitchen safe, clean your kitchen.
Make safety a way of life.
Old fools ignore safety rules.
Please keep kitchen clean.
Safety – It’s a choice, not a chance.
Safety and quality go hand in hand.
Safety is priceless. So is your life.
Safety never goes out of style.
Safety starts here.
Serving safe food it’s not an option it’s an obligation.
Shortcuts cut life short.
There is no substitute for safety.
Think safety before you start.
To prevent a stomach ache, hygienic precautions you should take.
Use your head or germs will spread.
Warning Hot Oil.
Wash your hands before handling food.
Wash your hands before you eat, whether its an apple or meat.
When preparing foods keep it clean, a dirty area should not be seen.
Whether its peanuts or whether its cheese be aware of food allergies.
You need determination to prevent food contamination.

The below infographic outlines statistics for kitchen related accidents and deaths. There are approximately 1.169 million emergency visits each year due to lacerations or cuts on the hand or arm. Following the kitchen safety tips outlined below will help to minimize your potential risk.

Kitchen Safety Statistics

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