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26 Ways Web Design Influences Visitor Engagement


Statistics Display The Actual Effects Of Web Design

Are you web developer currently working on designing or redesigning a website? If you are there are many factors that must be considered because they tend to affect web design in varying ways. The statistics generated are based in accordance to the top 25,000 website visited in 2013.

Web Design is Essential for E-commerce

Web design is an essential part of every website especially E-commerce websites which provides products and services to millions and millions of potential customers. Website speed is therefore just as important to consumers and users as website design. A majority of websites specifically 11,041 sites had a traffic growth and page load time of approximately 1-2 seconds while 1,473 websites experienced a 4 second wait time. This signifies the importance of the time it takes a page to load and the type of traffic the website will generate as a result. The less amount of time it requires a page to load the more people that actually visit the website.

Some websites believe that the addition of social plugins is useful in increasing the amount of traffic to the website. However, this is not always the case.

Social Plugins Increase Bounce Rates

Only one percent of websites that have social plugins actually encountered more traffic while two percent of websites that lacked the presence of social plugins had traffic growth. The addition of social plugins was only useful in increasing the bounce rate of 11,126 websites whereas the absence of social plugins led to not only more page views per visit but more time spent on the website.

Think About Your Color Scheme

Another factor which may potentially affect the flow of traffic to a website is the websites color scheme. More websites prefer light color schemes or dark colors. These light color schemes aid in increasing the websites traffic growth, page views per visit, bounce rate, and time on the site. The most prominent color utilized on websites is purple while the color scheme used the least is yellow.

So, if you’re considering creating or recreating your website take heed to the factors which have been proven to affect websites. When developing a website you not only want to generate as much traffic as possible you want people to actually stay on your page. This is accomplished by keeping the time it requires your website to load to 1-2 seconds. Users are impatient and do not want to wait a long time for a page to load regardless of how good the websites quality is or how much you want the websites products and services. All of that is irrelevant because time is vital and cannot be taken back.

Generate a website that has a prominent color scheme which incorporates the color purple if you want to help generate more traffic growth. Web designing and its statistics help to guide prospective web developers in their creation and development of websites.

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